Minecraft 3rd Life SMP | Ep 06 - Tough Love!
Welcome to 3rd Life, an experimental Minecraft Hardcore mini-series with a twist. 14 Minecrafters with only 3 lives each. During our first 2 lives, we do our best to survive with one another. Once we are on our 3rd life, our goal switches to trying to take out the other members. If we die on our 3rd life, our series is over and we are banned from the server!

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Etho: www.youtube.com/user/EthosLab
Bdouble0100: www.youtube.com/user/BdoubleO100
Renthedog: www.youtube.com/user/rendog
InTheLittleWood: www.youtube.com/user/inthelit...
GoodTimeWithScar: www.youtube.com/user/GoodTime...
impulseSV: www.youtube.com/user/impulseSV
Tango: www.youtube.com/user/TangoTekLP
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  • Robert Kamminga
    Robert Kamminga

    15:10 how can a proffesional be so bad at thr game. Why doesn't he swim up?!

  • Tumbler

    Impulse is just slowly turning into everybody's dealer.

  • PredictedCyborg

    I enjoy the confusion in the chat.

  • jon dw
    jon dw

    this is the first third life series i've watched without a reaction to ren going red

  • Lakarius Litz
    Lakarius Litz

    The uncovered sudan adventitiously provide because twine partly follow till a kindhearted bugle. wanting, supreme weather

  • Clint Douma
    Clint Douma

    What I don't get is that Bdubs put the helmet on, but Etho went behind the wall because he apparently didn't report the fact that Tango wore a helmet. How did Bdubs find out that Tango wore a helmet? He found it out from Etho, therefore, Bdubs should go behind the wall, not Etho.

  • Noah Crawmer
    Noah Crawmer

    Also Bdubs did put on the helmet, so technically According to their rules he should be punished to.

  • Noah Crawmer
    Noah Crawmer

    It’s only Fair

  • Zsiga Zádori
    Zsiga Zádori

    random tip: bamboes r good in combination w saplings as they grow fast and give a few sticks

  • Insect Invasion
    Insect Invasion

    Are we just going to ignore the fact the he got tengo on his 5th shot

  • mkayzz3

    5:35 uh cleo...

  • Cam McLean
    Cam McLean

    Third life week one: making friends, exploring, vibing out to the jukebox Third life week four: we form a firing squad to execute our friends who broke the law

  • Nik Stevenson
    Nik Stevenson

    I don't think anyone specified the rules but kinda messed up that tango used an enchanted bow to shoot at Etho lol. And of course impulses 5th shot 😬😬

  • ShadowHumanX

    Impulse u shot 6 times :O

  • Crimson tides
    Crimson tides

    This server is like a anarchy server I love it

  • Eve Beales
    Eve Beales

    hu, hu, Bdubs stopped sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

  • jpaugh64

    33:20 I don't think Tango was too sore _at you_ about it! You're not the first one he'll be gunning for when he turns red.

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas

    I'm actually surprised at how bad I felt seeing Etho get killed. I'm also surprised at how easily it went down. It's not that Etho isn't relaxed in general, but that felt bizarrely too relaxed.

  • A.J. Gaming
    A.J. Gaming

    You shot at Tango FIVE times not four!

  • VioletOpal

    About the lava curtain. Couldn't somebody swim underneath it?

  • aidan paul
    aidan paul

    Every time impulse gets an advantage he just throws it away

  • C B
    C B

    God bless you!

  • Christopher Chin
    Christopher Chin

    Oh man. I scrubbed back three times to hear Skizz scream about the bees.

  • Zoey_Everdeen

    You shot after tango 5 times you was only sopost to shot 4 times

  • Joshua Scooter
    Joshua Scooter

    5 shots?!?

  • Vachon Bouford
    Vachon Bouford

    Impulse, BDubs is Next, he wears the helm of shame at 12:53

  • Midna Potter
    Midna Potter

    I cant remember, what is the plan?

  • Prince Priyabrat
    Prince Priyabrat

    This dude is such a hypocrite

  • reece hannangt
    reece hannangt

    they r grians villages not impulses

  • jmferretmaster

    This is the Nascar of minecraft, I watch for death.

  • Muneeb Muhamed
    Muneeb Muhamed

    Cleo just minding her own business while the rest are talking away.

  • matthew Harris
    matthew Harris

    by shooting at tango as a green. i feel you are breaking a bigger rule then the helmet rule.

  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer

    So is it fair to say Hermitcraft season 7 died a quiet death? I'm kewl with it. Every Hermit worked so hard I can imagine a break is needed. May I suggest a season 8.1 dedicated to Hermits playing with the Create mod? Then 6 months or a year later have 8.2 whatever.

  • Freezeframe Productions
    Freezeframe Productions

    Also tango was shooting with an enchanted bow??? Was that allowed

  • Freezeframe Productions
    Freezeframe Productions

    Impulse shot 5 times instead of 4 seems like someone else should be punished

  • Joshua Andrews
    Joshua Andrews

    Skizz reminds me of Jack Black so much

  • FeetForBrains

    "What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?"

  • paolovf

    Impulse is stacked!

  • Andreas Larsson
    Andreas Larsson

    Wasn’t the goal to stay alive? I thought that murdering was only for the red names. This series is already falling apart

  • Sophie Martin
    Sophie Martin

    Does anyone know what the y and n (probably yes or no) means. It wasn't in grians vid but that might just be because he wasn't doing anything interesting

  • István Szikra
    István Szikra

    "I need stuff from you, but I'm not asking for free".. "in exchange I'm not gonna kill you right away" ... that sounds more like extortion to me than a good deal or alliance

    • István Szikra
      István Szikra

      28:30 WTF is skizz on about?! They literally told him to go home!

  • Fjord Millehret
    Fjord Millehret


  • CardZone Max
    CardZone Max

    Cant they swim under the lava?

  • catXDaan

    Justice for Tango!

  • Slayergamer Vlog
    Slayergamer Vlog

    5:37 umm

  • Paulo Ferreira
    Paulo Ferreira

    Master move by impulse, to get out of magma cubes, awesome dude!

  • Edita Zilinskyte
    Edita Zilinskyte

    11:58 Impulse you killed tango with your 5th shot you cheater! Only 4 allowed

  • dingus49ovi

    Impulse five shots on Tango, for shame!

  • Hero

    Who else want to see a angry impulse in this series?

  • Sunarto Rusli
    Sunarto Rusli

    Impulse has to team up with Grian and Scar :)

  • Aparna Kumari
    Aparna Kumari

    Grian is the winner

  • green butter
    green butter

    Stable video 👍

  • Vibhav Roy
    Vibhav Roy

    Can't wait for Etho's episode :)

  • Alexander Burgers
    Alexander Burgers

    Can't you just swim under the lava?

  • William Warner
    William Warner

    5 arrows... 5th was the kill!

  • drunkbobo

    Society is breaking down! Mass hysteria!!

  • Ehsaas Chaudhary
    Ehsaas Chaudhary

    After scar dies or grian gets free you two need to join hands.. Coz he going strong even tho he made so much chaos

  • arjen3112

    You shot 5 times at tango! I think there needs to be some more justice

  • Zeek

    Those walls of lava have an arrow weakness...

  • Kahraman Banavi
    Kahraman Banavi

    3rd life is so much fun! Praying for a season 2

  • Wally Graff
    Wally Graff

    They should have a resource pack that turns helmets invisible so you can wear helmets while still having protection

  • The Irish Night
    The Irish Night


  • Thomas Wilkins
    Thomas Wilkins

    1 arrow through the lava into the castle...

  • Phosis T'Kar
    Phosis T'Kar

    if you guys punished Tango this harshly for just wearing a helmet, why haven't you punished Grian for killing a whole bunch of people while on his green life? just saying.

  • Josh Guo
    Josh Guo

    The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of God’s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that way is through Jesus. Because he loved the world, he came, lived a sinless life then died on the cross for our sins, paying the price which is death. He was buried and rose again on the third day. Through Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins. If we put our faith in him we will be saved ✝️❤️.

  • EnderBoy25 Gaming
    EnderBoy25 Gaming

    Alternate title: The Massacre

  • Granny's Watchingu
    Granny's Watchingu

    That was so wrong what you did to Tango

  • Joshua Mackey
    Joshua Mackey

    If there is a season 2. All players free for all no teams. Lol

  • Nova Kingdom
    Nova Kingdom

    I feel like the gentleman’s rules from Hermitcraft were carried over. I don’t know why Tango and Etho accepted the “challenge”.

  • Jared Russell
    Jared Russell

    It's not a big deal, but everytime I see someone run on crops I mentally scream at them to stop.

  • SilverFalcon

    That bdubs waring the helmet, noone listens to cleo

  • Andrew Beatty
    Andrew Beatty

    you know they could swim under the lava

  • Derek Lodes
    Derek Lodes


  • TheOne Divine
    TheOne Divine

    Impulse just became the Duke from RE8...selling things and not giving a damn lol

  • Louis F
    Louis F

    I really love how narrative this episode feels. It really feels like i'm watching a scenarized TV series on minecraft, but it's even better because I know it was live. Great work Impulse !

  • Louis F
    Louis F

    This feels like Game Of Thrones lol

  • Twitchtwitch423

    Scar wore a helmet and grains vid when they were hunting for NETHERRITE

  • Jan Wielki
    Jan Wielki

    Awsome videos keep the work going

  • Judah

    I so want a season 2

  • Kiranbir Hundal
    Kiranbir Hundal

    The red winter are rude to their people and do not help and they are trying to use you for the books.

  • CulturedFrog


  • KocheR800r

    Skizz was wearing a helmet to at the start too…. FIRING SQUAD ROUND 2!!

  • Champ

    He killed on his 5th shot There were only supposed to be 4

  • Revanaught

    I kind of love how the series has gone in the exact opposite way Grian intended. Original goal was co-op until the third life, then murder, but it's basically been greens killing greens and then everyone getting all co-op with the reds.

  • Jp 9gag
    Jp 9gag

    Notice all the green names are henchmen

  • Revanaught

    Oh man, I only saw this from bdubs perspective before, but impulse is a monster. He fired 5 arrows at tango and killed him with the 5th.

  • jake larkin
    jake larkin

    He shot 5 arrows

  • capncrunch1971


  • The AgentZero
    The AgentZero

    You should pitch the idea of land claim so others outside of each other teams can't break blocks within the set limit!

  • Frederick Scherschligt
    Frederick Scherschligt

    You mean for killing tango tek!

  • Frederick Scherschligt
    Frederick Scherschligt

    You mean

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart

    Did you shoot 5 times Impulse?

  • The Dark Wun
    The Dark Wun

    Literally me just seeing all the perspectives of all the deaths this session

  • Minchenko

    Rip wifi connection

  • RG Sports
    RG Sports

    I am now scared to wear hats

  • Caleb G
    Caleb G

    That was 5 SHOTS YO KILL TANGO

  • Mr Mann
    Mr Mann

    Ethos’s base looks so much like the peak of 2010 Minecraft

  • Ramon van den Hauten
    Ramon van den Hauten

    Has no one heard the moan of cleo? 5:38

  • Toridan

    So evil idea. Dispenser with a curse of binding hat attached to a pressure plate. Would be hilarious.

  • Matthew Cruikshank
    Matthew Cruikshank

    Hey Impulse, you guys might want to improve the lava walls lad. Peeps could be swimming under the lava walls pretty easy

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