Minecraft 3rd Life SMP | Ep 02 - An Alliance Has Formed!
Welcome to 3rd Life, an experimental Minecraft Hardcore mini-series with a twist. 14 Minecrafters with only 3 lives each. During our first 2 lives, we do our best to survive with one another. Once we are on our 3rd life, our goal switches to trying to take out the other members. If we die on our 3rd life, our series is over and we are banned from the server!

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  • Mastir Keu
    Mastir Keu

    I freaking jump at that creeper 5:26

  • Toy Mania
    Toy Mania

    In the little wood has gone to the nether already

  • Kylie Shellenbarger
    Kylie Shellenbarger

    I feel like this series is just the hermits acting upon all of the pent up aggression they feel

  • Connor Messenger
    Connor Messenger

    bdubs is gonna be the brave one for the nether,he doesnt seem scared of much

  • Stone Berg
    Stone Berg

    7:23 Herobrine? Hmm...

  • Casey Wharton
    Casey Wharton

    I know I just subscribed like today stuff but your videos are awesome

  • kirashima

    5:48 hmm InTheLittleWood wen you were fighting phantoms

  • bilinmeyen karanlık
    bilinmeyen karanlık

    I think etho is kakashi a caharcter from anime naruto

  • Jade

    When Bdubs and Cleo start arguing like an old married couple for 4 seconds.😂

  • cartoon mess
    cartoon mess

    At 7:24 u can see legs they ant alone

  • Ryry4610

    Ppl who know wut there were thinking about when Cleo said why is it called the love shack

  • Susie Mott
    Susie Mott

    these conversations about "when the reds start coming after us" are sounding increasingly mccarthy-esque

  • x _
    x _

    I’m sorry is our castle too bi for you anudnjdbhudnhudnj

  • Maury / Moli
    Maury / Moli

    Impulse in the 1st episode someone got the achievement of going to the nether

  • A Wiebe
    A Wiebe

    4:17 etho obvi

  • Holly Edwards
    Holly Edwards

    I like how now when a tree grows and almost suffocates someone it is called getting chleoed

  • Nexidal

    I think I'm rooting for the Eastern Kingdom (Eastern Village and Castle Grounds for now) in this.

  • Lovre Brnas
    Lovre Brnas

    Impulse: "Let's keep it a secret" Also Impulse: Creats a thumbnail with all of them in it

  • Junkuza

    Codeword; bananas is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • WaterlemonTheArtist

    Any of my fellow Survivor fans out there will agree that a final three agreed upon in only the second episode is guaranteed to never last...

  • Pat Pat
    Pat Pat

    You're the BIZ team!

  • Justin H
    Justin H

    impulse is like the guy that everyone tells all their secrets to

  • PERRET Nathael
    PERRET Nathael

    3rd Life : Demise with more players and within a very limited map

  • Jana Renger
    Jana Renger

    27:54 Is it me or does Skizz say Timmy or Tommy there

    • StarFruit 23
      StarFruit 23

      Oh he definitely said “Tommy” lol

  • Ben Yerkes
    Ben Yerkes

    Not quite an original code word lol

  • Regina Vossou
    Regina Vossou

    4:10 Little wood has already been to nether, at least he told Ren so

  • charles frialson
    charles frialson

    Minecraft gods is been very kind to Impulse

  • KitKat_Moushi

    Wasn’t Mumbo Jumbo’s code word for the hermitcraft season 6 Civil War also Banana

  • Ivan

    2:55 I guess they are fans of the flash

  • Coolinglava 2000
    Coolinglava 2000

    hermitcraft youtubers: we are completely family friendly bdubs at 0:32: it's time for THE TALK

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell

    Hey Impulse, there is another beehive above Grian's "First" house in the flower forest at the top of one of the peaks on an oak tree I believe. Tango went past it while he was scouting out the area. Do with this information what you will. Loving the series btw :D

  • Elizabeta Macovei
    Elizabeta Macovei

    17:25 I think I've seen that scene 3 times by now, and it gets funnier every time.

  • Asheru Nami
    Asheru Nami

    Scar is pobly dum... Ehem I meant brave enough to go to the nether.

  • Marc Mol Lous
    Marc Mol Lous

    What is the proximity mod called theyre using?

  • June Frances
    June Frances

    14:00 minutes in impulse just starts explaining how the mob in Vagus and new york works.

  • Joethepro 6802
    Joethepro 6802

    Inthelittlewood went in like hour 2

  • Tridundancy

    Cleo and Bdubs are like an old married couple, and bdubs is over here losing his memory lol

  • Concuzzion Gloving
    Concuzzion Gloving

    4:25 The answer is 10000% Etho, he would go into the Nether within the first few minutes if he could

  • Keegan Fuller
    Keegan Fuller

    Inthelittlewoods already went to the nether I thin

    • Keegan Fuller
      Keegan Fuller

      He was in a basalt delta when he sowned

  • douglas bailey
    douglas bailey

    It’s not who’s brave enough to go to the nether it’s who’s the dumbest to go to the nether

  • Dale Fearnley
    Dale Fearnley

    When two villagers love each other a phantom delivers a baby villager.

  • jjblocks2000

    Me: watching Impulse: I JUST GOT CLEOD Me: -_-

  • Yuxuan Chen
    Yuxuan Chen

    Out of every word they choose Banana. AGAIN!

  • Plazma Hero Studios
    Plazma Hero Studios

    Etho: This is my favorite type of door, cause nothing can get through Tango: except for a squating person Me: Wait for the creeper to chase you

  • Nima Master
    Nima Master

    Oh, now "Cleoed" is a word!

  • Steel Horn
    Steel Horn

    I think Grian will go to the nether under order of Scar.

  • Mr.Skitttlezz

    Scars got that madlad vibe I believe he might just jump right in to the nether

  • Giorgio Canale
    Giorgio Canale

    impulse to the sv

  • Aci

    3rd Life: The great pizza abduction

  • I_am_not_listening_anymore

    Impulse the same thing in the cave with creper falling on your head happened to Grian at the exact same cave

  • Crazy_Adventures

    Bdoubs and ZombieCleo remind me of an old married couple.

  • mini enki
    mini enki

    Pizza lives

  • Klyde Mondido
    Klyde Mondido


  • Henry Sprague
    Henry Sprague

    You got the guts to brave the nether

  • Winter icewing
    Winter icewing

    This reminds me of the hunger games

  • Eric E
    Eric E

    Too much repeat stuff. Don’t expect everyone to watch everyone’s stuff when it’s all the same...

  • mikeus69

    Who broke the spawner? Anyone know?

  • cooperhawk671 cooperhawk671
    cooperhawk671 cooperhawk671

    Martin has been to the neather first secession

  • Sporkle BlueMoon
    Sporkle BlueMoon

    seeing that cleo has stolen pizza,, im getting pet war flashbacks from the dream smp oh nO

  • AtomicDynamite1

    Im getting serious Demise flashbacks from hermitcraft S6

  • spacepig

    That was a 35 vein of coal but then he cut it so it could be more. That’s crazy

  • Sophie Clancy
    Sophie Clancy

    Omg it banana from season 6 MUMBO-"BANANAAAA BANANAAAAA!!!"

  • Inine

    19:16 "i--is it over?" 😂

  • gaia aoi
    gaia aoi

    So Pizza got a cousin named Pepperoni huh... i see...

  • Tobias Riek
    Tobias Riek

    That maens war. Also if you want dark oak sepplings go to the ather guys with saplings.

  • WaniniWanana Banana
    WaniniWanana Banana

    "When love shack's arockin, dont come knockin" 00:27 Not even 30 seconds in and this made me fall out of my chair XD

  • Vincent Rau
    Vincent Rau

    SolidarityGaming sound exactly like Zed

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith

    If your red, can you murder another red?

  • Muir Dragonne
    Muir Dragonne

    The creeper at 5:30 legit made me jump

  • Jen_Ten16

    Impulse you bananna!😁 Littlewoods already went to the nether.🙂 ...pepperoni?

  • Ishara Mirandi
    Ishara Mirandi

    No one will go on their own choice but I am sure that scar will make grian go with the bucket :)

  • Jormun8

    flashbacks to papaK vs Cleo and the never forgotten "nametag"

  • Life with Laura
    Life with Laura

    hahaah thats the best.. when 2 villagers love eachother very much a baby villager pops out... does this work with humans

  • 1stClassCaveman

    My money is on Etho! First in the Nether

  • Haraya Alirak
    Haraya Alirak

    the ending of this episode was SOOOO HYPE!! Im looking forward to "3rd life" days now, when nearly everyone uploads at the same time...thank you for sharing :D

  • code man
    code man

    5:36 he sounds like an enderman

  • Bowie Reynolds
    Bowie Reynolds

    Impulse: “whos gonna go to the nether first” Inthelittlewoods on the first day: builds nether portal

  • clodomir chibreluisant
    clodomir chibreluisant

    You should burry a chest with weapons at the spawn for the time you're gonna be red

  • tanderin g
    tanderin g

    I'm guessing bigbst4tz2 will be the first to the neither. Just because he has Dimonds first.

  • Bunyan420

    Scar is being a straight-up swindler he swindling people out of their belongings for nothing in return LOL 😂

  • j2k

    It's always a guaranteed fun time when you drop a video! Thank you sooo much for your hard work. We all appreciate it!

  • josiah O'Neill
    josiah O'Neill

    I think in the little wood is going to be the first to goto the Nether, mostly because he’s already been.

  • Art By Aurora
    Art By Aurora

    Guys, guys, it's obviously named "the love shack" in reference to the amazing song by the B-52s!

  • Owfi

    Chat: RAID also chat: BANANA

  • falcons music
    falcons music

    Impulse yooo snow .. snow golem farm if u dont want it suggest it to ethob

  • Tiffany Collins Heberer
    Tiffany Collins Heberer

    ......and now his color is yellow.

  • David Hodgson
    David Hodgson

    this series is hilarious i love it, do more when this one is done

  • cavv0667

    Would Not trust Etho... he's Sus as Hell!!!

  • Ian Schneider
    Ian Schneider

    Biggest cliff hanger EVER!

  • ItsMeWhoAsk

    I hopped into the series a little late can someone update me on like what this even is? What happened to HermitCraft?

  • Caerigna

    Ren is totally the guy to send to the Nether, but he may not feel the need

  • Dēhan Otto
    Dēhan Otto

    grian has dark oak saplings

  • Brooklyn Fischetti
    Brooklyn Fischetti

    Is impulse name tommy🤭

  • Nasis Kahn
    Nasis Kahn

    You must be really trusting because your nickname is "Secret Keeper". Everyone goes to you for their secrets! I love it.

  • Phantom Wolf
    Phantom Wolf

    Grain went into the nether in the first episode Impulse

  • Bing7557

    Every one of you are so insanely skilled and talented. I get that grinding doesn't always make great content and it's extremely difficult when you only have 3 hours to work. You guys should let some of your trusted followers join off-hours and do the grinding behind the scenes, at least with the mining and villager breeding aspect.

  • unknown

    hey impulse tango had a diamond but never used it for jukebox to vibe

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson

    You do realize, in order to set Grian free from Scar, GRIAN. MUST. DIE.

  • Shen Yi Yang
    Shen Yi Yang

    i GASPED when Cleo showed the llama

  • Samantha Archy
    Samantha Archy

    Stealing dark oak saplings form scar and grain is risky. But its easier then waiting for a wandering villager to appear whose selling them.