Minecraft 3rd Life SMP | Ep 07 - LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN!
Welcome to 3rd Life, an experimental Minecraft Hardcore mini-series with a twist. 14 Minecrafters with only 3 lives each. During our first 2 lives, we do our best to survive with one another. Once we are on our 3rd life, our goal switches to trying to take out the other members. If we die on our 3rd life, our series is over and we are banned from the server!

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Etho: www.youtube.com/user/EthosLab
Bdouble0100: www.youtube.com/user/BdoubleO100
Renthedog: www.youtube.com/user/rendog
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GoodTimeWithScar: www.youtube.com/user/GoodTime...
impulseSV: www.youtube.com/user/impulseSV
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  • shaan shaikh
    shaan shaikh

    They should've named the wool castle the *The Flammable Fortress*

  • Josh Archer
    Josh Archer

    Impulse the arms dealer

  • Annas R Zulficar
    Annas R Zulficar

    This is really becoming a "secret girlfriend" situation

    • Annas R Zulficar
      Annas R Zulficar

      And him giving ren those arrows is like when you give your secret girlfriend a pie that your other girlfriend giving you the other day

  • Red Skywalker
    Red Skywalker

    Impulse is starting to feel like Cub and Scar during the Hermitcraft S6 Civil War

  • jon dw
    jon dw

    32:05 so that is how the red army could just seem to appear suddenly, there's a tunnel system

  • spacepig

    If there’s no season 2 I’m gonna cry

  • Ripley Casajuana
    Ripley Casajuana

    You should call it a wastle. ( wool-castle)

  • Keagan Kirkwood
    Keagan Kirkwood

    this is in equilibrium as good as hermit craft ( this is boss, do a season 2)

  • Caleb Da Gamer
    Caleb Da Gamer

    the wool stronghold

  • Dylan Mcbillions sss
    Dylan Mcbillions sss

    *War on thirdlife* Me:thinking all the alternate strategies that could end it in one swoop.

  • Amokra

    11:48 and that is why Etho's pearl didn't work :)

  • The last airbender movie dont exsist
    The last airbender movie dont exsist

    31:50 nothing like the good old castle crashers musik

  • Lego 420
    Lego 420

    This aint a scene its an arms race

  • TayTay The Hufflepuff
    TayTay The Hufflepuff

    30:15 “Not BigB-the small one” *look’s over at bdubs*

  • Ember Summers798
    Ember Summers798

    Fortress of Fleece 🐑

  • Doug

    subscribe to him he desirves it

  • Doug

    Grian is making a bunker

  • Brick Galaxy
    Brick Galaxy

    5e castle should be called the Woolstle

  • night clone
    night clone

    Or at least stay with episode 1 alliance

  • night clone
    night clone

    You should betray the red army team sand people for life

  • Clint Douma
    Clint Douma

    If you replace the lava in your trap with a very far drop with hoppers at the bottom, then you can steal their stuff as well as kill them.

  • Jason Greenlaw
    Jason Greenlaw

    How about calling it the "Flaming Fortress"? 🤣

  • MrMadManMark

    Impulse the weapons dealer playing both sides. Hope it works

  • TEDTalk99

    You could be a spy for scar on dog worst

  • livinginblue

    Impulse! Make decoy villagers and rig the place up. The original villagers transport them to some place hidden and don’t show how to get there on video

  • xNVusFrostx

    Fortress of Softitude

  • CraftedJedi66

    I vote in flavor(🤣) of "Pillow Fort"

  • Mr Mann
    Mr Mann

    Ten started small and humble, but has grown out of hand, he needs to be stopped. Red desert forever

  • Spritemon 98
    Spritemon 98

    I really wanna see a season 2 after all of you die

  • WaterlemonTheArtist


  • Spritemon 98
    Spritemon 98

    You were supposed to be true neutral if you wanted to be allies with everyone

  • Soap Is king
    Soap Is king

    I wish you were on the sand crew

  • Lord Amprsand
    Lord Amprsand

    Seeing Tango in the trees cracks me up every time.

  • Kaikaku

    42:29 Ren: "I'm really tired! .... I might go back to the kingdom and sleep." lol

  • logan Jones
    logan Jones


  • Lake of dubs Gaming
    Lake of dubs Gaming

    Do they know that the other name for the nazis was the red army 😬😬😬😬

  • CraigDS

    Etho's castle: "The Shkeep"

  • Oasis 19
    Oasis 19

    I love Smajor’s accent

  • Alejandro Torres
    Alejandro Torres

    Solidarity is going to die by the lava trap, I’m calling it

  • Dutch Propaganda
    Dutch Propaganda

    1:07 Castwool is the best my brain could come up with

  • SuperNils :
    SuperNils :

    lol impulse is allies with scars team and allies with rens team

  • Veerpratap Singh Ahluwalia
    Veerpratap Singh Ahluwalia

    You should build a base in the end (In the next hermitcraft season)

  • Aerinka Aerie
    Aerinka Aerie

    Good names for wool castle: Flammable Castle Bouncy Castle Baa Baa Castle J.k. Have no idea

  • Elias Ruiz
    Elias Ruiz

    I think the wooltress of solitude is a nice fit since etho mostly sees you "once a month" 🤣

  • CraftedInsanity

    If Tango's eyes are already red, does that mean they'll be normal when he's on his last life?

  • kaptinfire

    "The Sheep Shack"

  • Ash Lmao
    Ash Lmao

    I come from Sand People videos because I wanted to watch some other people and I can't believe Tango's a double agent omg. This storyline is juicy!

  • Malachi Page
    Malachi Page

    Bit late but for the fortress name maybe the fortress of woolitude

  • Timothy Amos
    Timothy Amos

    Grian and Scar have the Sasstle (Sand castle but the second s if for G-Man's SASS), Tango, Cleo, and Bbubs have the CRASTLE, You and Etho have the Wastle

  • Khanh Tieu Dang Bao
    Khanh Tieu Dang Bao

    12:43 Scar opened me with open arms. Tango 2021

  • Sara Ketcham
    Sara Ketcham


  • kayo5120 kayo5120
    kayo5120 kayo5120


  • Gamer Artimagus
    Gamer Artimagus


  • Rana AlBaghdadi
    Rana AlBaghdadi

    hi impulse can u please join my scratch studio that I'm gonna make! u can make games and play games and contact me on scratch!

    • Rana AlBaghdadi
      Rana AlBaghdadi

      can u also tell the other hermits about the scratch thing... have a nice day!

    • Rana AlBaghdadi
      Rana AlBaghdadi

      here is the link

  • Rebecca Osborn
    Rebecca Osborn

    I got the perfect name, burnable castle.

  • Jason Braswell
    Jason Braswell

    I like impulse but he's a dang snake in this series and idk how I feel about it

  • Xuan Yang Yau
    Xuan Yang Yau

    impulse, you should use spruce logs instead of oak logs. much better production and easier to get

  • Only the Truth
    Only the Truth

    Please add Wattles in Hermitcraft Season 8!

  • John Jarvis
    John Jarvis

    Love Impulse playing God of War.

  • Whiffy

    Let’s get impulse to 900K


    BDubs has a crastle, Etho has a flastle (flammable castle).

  • BK Wopper
    BK Wopper

    Oh my God do I love this series!!!

  • Owen Montalto
    Owen Montalto

    "The shield means you're in the army" Scar: What shield?

  • Maxine Larkin
    Maxine Larkin

    Impulse should totally work both sides an make a profit off it

  • Raedoublebae

    Love this series so so much 💖

  • István Szikra
    István Szikra

    Remember, when Grian gave you the villagers you made the deal that he will have access to them.

  • Artemis Penguin
    Artemis Penguin

    I found this online: rsloft.info/loft/video/lamh0aPSlWSZen4

  • Icekat11

    The best Scar defense is to cover your base in cats... He would never harm your base.

  • Brendon Wick
    Brendon Wick

    Impulse Is the Lord of War In 3rd life. Should get red Army to steal Cleo's villager still try to stay neutral

  • Jamie L
    Jamie L

    Something about Etho saying “Tango!” at 11:44 just sounds so genuine

  • Gufu V
    Gufu V

    Impulse, a friend to all is a friend to none! I hope it doesn't bite you with the day one crew :(

  • Ian Jossic
    Ian Jossic

    21:03 what's the music playing here? It continues for a little while, there are some better moments to hear it

  • imthatchris

    Oh wow, everybody has just been taking advantage of your villager breeder. You need to go collect some payments

  • Aditya Saha
    Aditya Saha

    Hey Impi...... Just wanna let you know that all the SAANND HIPPIES HAVE BEEN TRADING WITH YOUR OP VILLAGERS. You guys need better traps than just the lava one 🙂😊

  • Hayden

    The Woolsle

  • Walker_2x

    Call the wool structure Castwool

  • Shantanu Renghe
    Shantanu Renghe

    Pls team with grian, i feel bad for him cuz he is stuck with scar Ren feels like an evil king who will turn his back on everyone in the end

  • Patricia Saucedo
    Patricia Saucedo

    Who needs netflix when you got third life smp

  • chopper467

    Name for the wolf fortress flammable

  • risa saruwatari
    risa saruwatari

    31:10 That poor poor Enderman xD

  • Shayer S. Utsho
    Shayer S. Utsho

    A Wooltress

  • Isaiah Scott
    Isaiah Scott

    Ren is evil

  • Orkimedes.

    Woolstle? Wooltress?

  • Fern Sweeney
    Fern Sweeney

    It's *obviously* a pillow fort. :P

  • blue ice
    blue ice

    You should say something to cleo. Tell her which side you now

  • V

    The pillow fort!

  • Eunice Basilio
    Eunice Basilio

    I love how, if you think about it, this all started because Grian accidentally killed Scar with his prank LOL

  • Fritz Anthony Rivera
    Fritz Anthony Rivera

    "oh my gosh skizz" -imp 2021

  • The Catlike
    The Catlike

    I feel like you should relocate your villagers and keep them secret again especially since you're playing a pretty dangerous game of trying to ally with everyone

  • The Catlike
    The Catlike

    Ren really shook you down to join eh?

  • Wimbee

    The wool castle... The Baa-aa-aa-stle.

  • Nathan Rivera
    Nathan Rivera

    When Impulse said, “Etho’s my boy!” he lowkey sounded like a concerned parent lol. Also I wonder if anyone else has suggested “Team Pillow Fort” yet

  • wayne conover
    wayne conover

    26:52 its crazy how they wonder where tango is at the moment hes sneaking around in the bushes

  • The Catlike
    The Catlike


  • Messersmith

    Whilst scar has been a little power crazy, I cant help but notice that ‘those guys have kicked me out and I don’t have a home’ straight invite to scars club with no asks. You want into power crazy ren club and you have to give him lots of things “this isn’t good enough to join red army - what else have you got”

  • Namir Khan
    Namir Khan


  • Manas Bondale
    Manas Bondale

    I love impulse being upset about not having the red banner at 10:20

  • Andrew Rossi
    Andrew Rossi

    Call the Wool Fortress the Wortress (War-tress).


    is it a woolassle? thought u said wool ass hole XD

  • j2k

    Awesome vid! Great editing, too😎 I really loved your happy jump and spin move when Rendog asked you to be his team's weapon supplier 🤣 GG Impulse