Minecraft 3rd Life SMP | Ep 03 - We Be Vibin' Again!
Welcome to 3rd Life, an experimental Minecraft Hardcore mini-series with a twist. 14 Minecrafters with only 3 lives each. During our first 2 lives, we do our best to survive with one another. Once we are on our 3rd life, our goal switches to trying to take out the other members. If we die on our 3rd life, our series is over and we are banned from the server!

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  • impulseSV

    I split my 2nd recording session into 2 episodes this week since there was so much happening I didn't want you to miss. So consider this an "extra" 3rd Life SMP episode 😉

    • Lane Dibello
      Lane Dibello

      Yes, more content is always welcome

    • Luuk Hendriks
      Luuk Hendriks

      Scar got kinda quiet when they told him to be a cat smelter. Someone in my family is currently receiving oxygen through their nose and you lose you're ability to smell. He deserves so much better.

    • Luuk Hendriks
      Luuk Hendriks

      DO IT MORE. Honestly just upload full length somewhere. Less editing and more content. Could do it on the second channel?

    • DeanRay Bowie
      DeanRay Bowie


    • Whiffy


  • Jaydee 8652
    Jaydee 8652

    This is my fourth perspective and this (7:10) conversation with Bdubs in the background was so tense knowing what would happen.

  • STWart - Shannon
    STWart - Shannon

    Everyone trusts Impulse with their secrets…

  • Kazmi Irtiza
    Kazmi Irtiza

    6:45 did anyone notice Bdubs build the castle?

  • Dalton Brown
    Dalton Brown

    anyone else would ask for trade when he has items another wants. But Impulse just gives everything away, I like that about him.

  • Edvin Sundberg
    Edvin Sundberg

    Are we just going to ignore THE fact that impulse tried to Make a log crafting table

  • aidan paul
    aidan paul

    He put his stuff in a “secret” hole that he showed to like three people

  • TimStamper

    In England asking someone what they are doing for porridge could actually have am answer btw as porridge has another meaning

  • Eduardo Perboni
    Eduardo Perboni

    Hello Impulse. Congrats for your great channel, is amazing, I'm watching all yours videos, you'r is the best minecraft player. I love it. Let me ask, if possible, what is the mod you use to made your shield stay low, that does not disturb the field of vision? Ps: Send "Olá" (hi) to Brazil. you have many fans here. Hugs.

    • impulseSV

      I'm not sure of the resource pack. Bdubs gave it to us :). You might be able to get something similar from VanillaTweaks.net though


    👍👍 GG

  • Nicholas Bell
    Nicholas Bell


  • Dragon_TamerAK

    jimmy who had found all 3 and only toke one

  • Miles

    How about a record farm to vibe to different songs?

  • Jan Vafa
    Jan Vafa

    Can’t you make leather from rabbit hide? Unless Scar kills them all there are rabbits in the desert...

  • Nima Master
    Nima Master

    False would've added a whole new level to the smp with her pvp skills

  • Hex

    Message Stanley9060 #3483 on discord if you want to join a hermit craft like a server with a decent-sized community, looking for experienced longterm Minecraft players

  • Lost Paige
    Lost Paige

    I love chill it is at the end :D

  • Steve Zheng
    Steve Zheng

    are you making a new 3ed life

  • Nat Reed
    Nat Reed

    You can get leather from killing horses and llamas

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo

    Impulse still believe Jimmy has the one Cow 😂

  • General Nickles
    General Nickles

    i love how casual everyone is on this server. everyone is just kinda hanging out and doing whatever. it's a nice contrast to the formalities and structured production on the hermitcraft server.

  • Patricia Wilson
    Patricia Wilson

    You know you can get leather from horses impulse.

  • Jessica G
    Jessica G

    They should hide a villager under Scar's memorial

  • Laurent Bruttin
    Laurent Bruttin

    You could trade a labririan for bookshelfs and break them down for books

  • Aymar Maluenda Soler
    Aymar Maluenda Soler

    When they are talking with and about Scar, you can see un the chat the pure gold whole Cow argument, which finishes with "forget everything, the cow died LOL"

  • The Phoenix Legion
    The Phoenix Legion

    Larmas drop leather

  • Huabo Wang
    Huabo Wang

    Way to get leather: Fishing

  • James Q
    James Q

    Ok I listened to this convo from all 3 perspectives and it sounds like Tango says "porage" all 3 times.

  • Ronan Sail
    Ronan Sail

    27:23 "mario falls into lava" sm64 remaster

  • hemanth

    This episode is all over the place😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sawthesaw

    Why not breed horses?

  • Judymoe

    Refined avocado oil is a healthy alternative to peanut oil, FYI.

  • MrTurboTash

    12:37 And this is why we love proximity mic lol

  • Dan D. Lion94
    Dan D. Lion94

    I love how there is one raider remaining throughout half the video and no one went to look for them 😅 impulse is like the Santa Clause of 3rd life

  • Christopher Powelson
    Christopher Powelson

    Impulse you may not be able to get leather from villagers but you can get books from them

  • HB_blitz gamez
    HB_blitz gamez


  • 9-Bitz

    You can get leather buy fishing or killing horses and lama

  • Nicholas Schulz
    Nicholas Schulz

    So like is it just me or was that an obscene amount of fishes at 16:10?

  • loqk loqkson
    loqk loqkson

    I just realised no one on the server knows what rabbit hide is for

  • C J
    C J

    For leather you guys should get bunnies

  • Luuk Hendriks
    Luuk Hendriks

    Bdubs died because he didn't sleep in a bed. Heh ironic.

  • Crep Check
    Crep Check

    Ngl impulse but 35 mins is a bit of a stretch

  • Tridundancy

    Llamas, Horses, and Rabbits give leather Impulse

  • Ezekiel Chalker
    Ezekiel Chalker

    You can craft leather from 4 rabbit hide, just breed the bunnies.

  • Ann Breyfogle
    Ann Breyfogle

    I love that everyone is fighting over cows, because they want the leather, meanwhile im over here in my single player world killing horses for leather

  • Ash M
    Ash M

    I laughed so much this episode, love this series so far!

  • dragon lover 3000
    dragon lover 3000

    Don't worry. Grian is in the thumbnail. He's that circle in the disc.

  • Jyothi Narsina
    Jyothi Narsina

    Impulse feel free to post 3 vids of one session 😁😁

  • Ruthie southwell
    Ruthie southwell

    Why doesn't anyone breed llamas for leather?

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell

    Hey Impulse, You could trade red/pink dye from the two tall flowers to a Shepard for emeralds and farm it by bone mealing them. Might be easier than the stick trade for you and Etho. Villager has to be Journeymen though. Hope this helps :D

  • Elizabeta Macovei
    Elizabeta Macovei

    Don't passive mobs respawn? What's up with all the 'no cows left' thing?

  • EyeLockGaming

    I thought Impulse is ahead of everyone in 3rd Life

  • Deandra Jolene
    Deandra Jolene

    22:40 On Your Left

  • J Mabruk
    J Mabruk

    26:35 Why does it sound so wrong when cleo said that?

  • Adam Hassen
    Adam Hassen

    Fun fact: At least in bedrock, if break a book shelf with fortune then you will get MORE books so try that.

  • spacepig

    Make a dababy?

  • maddhatter1986

    I feel like you are absolutely being health conscious by not using peanut oil when you have a peanut allergy.

  • Clutch Clan
    Clutch Clan

    Quick tip :You can use water bucket to get the villager in the boat above the path block.

  • Aksana Lapeskina
    Aksana Lapeskina

    Can you connect the rabbit hide into one big leather?

  • HxBillard

    Llama farm, expensive to breed but with a a good wheat farm it works

  • Nirate Goel
    Nirate Goel

    It might be an idea to call this part 2 rather than episode 3. That way everyone's episode numbers stay the same. Otherwise you're creating confusion as from now on you'll be one ahead of everyone elses/

    • Chris Cosmic
      Chris Cosmic

      except ren who is way ahead

  • Gwaeron86

    I love the split episode format! Also villagers can climb ladders sometimes.

  • JustSem

    what texture pack is he using?

  • Alexander Afgan
    Alexander Afgan

    I've never seen impulse struggle so much... And all that for moving a villager 😂

  • Holtster37

    Lecture librarian villagers will sell book shelves that can be broken down into books but you need one bookshelf to make the lecturn.

  • Holtster37

    Love the vid. Great entertainment!

  • ComaDustFire

    Watching Bdubs get murdered by Phantoms from every perspective will never get old!

  • Michael MacDonald
    Michael MacDonald

    Interesting. Villagers vs. Potions. If there's enough time to build a good trading center. Gonna have one side with enchanting table, and potions - the other with great villager gear. Who knows what will happen, but seems fun - this series. Since Tango will get leather, could be fun.

  • Tupus

    everyone: scar is angry me: the cow is dead 👁👄👁

  • Alaina

    Llamas drop leather. I’m just saying I’m seeing a lot of llamas around.


    nice vid enjoyed :)))

  • Ravasted

    7:30 Casual skeleton spider in the background.

  • Amsetra 36
    Amsetra 36

    Tango definitely needs porridge

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke

    Is no one going to appreciate the Billy Madison reference with the villagers? "Did ya fall in love with the wall or somethin?" 😂

  • gaia aoi
    gaia aoi

    I love how almost everybody came to help fight the raid.

  • Chloe Nelson-Arzuaga
    Chloe Nelson-Arzuaga

    If you only need leather for books you can trade with a librarian for a bookshelf and break it for the books.

  • Jimmy Holland
    Jimmy Holland

    Etho spilt the beans about pizza.

  • Mayur More
    Mayur More

    Just make a cocked chicken farm it's better than diving in rivers when hungry

  • Jake Cassady
    Jake Cassady

    "Saving the villager, save the world." Impulse, buddy... Was the a Heroes reference I caught there?

  • signsabound

    Why aren’t they breeding more villagers? They need to breed a bunch and then if they have 1 book they can make a librarian.

  • Elvie Suerte
    Elvie Suerte

    Oh no!! Bdubs died no way

  • Greg Arcade
    Greg Arcade

    Leather for books isn't that important: If you need books, just get a librarian and trade emralds for bookshelves, then break 'em. Love the series and content impulse!

  • ArchieB1478

    Why isn't anyone making librarians? Their second trade is usually book shelves that can be broken for 3 books

  • Klffsj

    I love how the world is so small that fish spawn so much that fishing (via sword) is actually a viable means of obtaining food.

  • Vinc

    Everyone is so concerned about the animal population, but they do respawn right? I don't see why they wouldn't.

  • Turtilee

    Don’t forget you can get a librarian to get unlimited books.

  • Lraihly

    Don't flower forests and deserts spawn rabbits? Rabbit skins... Leather.

  • Micah Houssian
    Micah Houssian

    Ren: I will name them Pam and Bill. Ok so he said that but no cap, my grandfather's name is Bill, and his sister's name is Pam. I was like wow that's pretty cool.

  • Matthieu Rainville
    Matthieu Rainville

    Bookshelf traids

  • Samantha Archy
    Samantha Archy

    Impulse:" just a little pet project nothing big." Me: * press x to doubt

  • Allan Stewart
    Allan Stewart

    Poor Bdubs not used to phantoms

  • Patrick R
    Patrick R

    Really enjoying this series!

  • DarkDarsi

    *Several Phantoms swooping behind her* Zombie : It's FINE

  • l0ki4321

    Bdubs and skizzle need a grave near the spot where they died

  • Parker Hewett
    Parker Hewett

    Someone needs to start a Disc war. It would be like an alternate reality disc war

  • Pierre Desroches
    Pierre Desroches

    Bookshelves? From librarians?


    A HATE RAID ☠︎

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    Impulse and Ren and Cleo are all different at keeping secrets. Impulse is a perfect natural, Ren is a total blabber mouth, and Cleo can't not act suspicious

  • Miss Kitty Grimm
    Miss Kitty Grimm

    Bdouble0100 fell from a high place I'm fine! No... I don't think you are! Bless him!

  • vertigo von vek
    vertigo von vek

    Can others join

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