Minecraft 3rd Life SMP | Ep 04 - Farming Diamonds The Easy Way!
Welcome to 3rd Life, an experimental Minecraft Hardcore mini-series with a twist. 14 Minecrafters with only 3 lives each. During our first 2 lives, we do our best to survive with one another. Once we are on our 3rd life, our goal switches to trying to take out the other members. If we die on our 3rd life, our series is over and we are banned from the server!

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  • Edis M
    Edis M

    for people from the future in 1.17.1 watching this wondering about the swamp diamond it still works you just go 2 blocks instead of 6/7

  • Joe Barnes
    Joe Barnes


  • Calming Effect
    Calming Effect

    the endermen were named Bob and Pam before... no wonder one of them is mad, who is Hilary !

  • Zia


  • Evan Chen
    Evan Chen

    I watch this from the future and impulse betray ren so his plan didn't really work

  • Jawaaa

    i prefer the long episodes

  • aidan paul
    aidan paul

    Impulse is so gullible

  • Someone Unknown
    Someone Unknown

    I’d rather two shorter episodes

  • Error light
    Error light

    Impulse you're a freaking genius! The diamond method totally worked! I liked, subscribed and watched the entire ad just to show my gratitude.

  • PAUL F
    PAUL F

    18:23 to skip to part when he gets to it and say #swampydiamonds so I know that this was made useful

  • Helen Bartzou
    Helen Bartzou

    If anyone else wants to go diamond hunting in swamps, keep in mind that this works only for the small patches of clay, not the big ones

  • KhillikiaLea W
    KhillikiaLea W

    Loved the full content . Having it in the two episodes is fabulous.

  • dman02

    I am scared to use the diamond hunting trick on a server, because I feel like I might get banned for “x-ray”

    • JELLY

      yeah, don’t use it in a server who aren’t about redstone and technical aspects of Minecraft

  • Samburger plays
    Samburger plays

    Yeah I don't mind if you split up the videos. Can't have you burned out I'd like to see impulse in good shape for every video.

  • Samburger plays
    Samburger plays

    Nice reaction speed man!

  • VioletOpal

    The diamond thing works. Just tried it in snapshot. Hopefully they don't change it

  • OJB


  • Dragon_TamerAK

    i want 2

  • Out Came Executives
    Out Came Executives

    Should have brought Ren 15 bookshelfs!!!

  • Maury / Moli
    Maury / Moli

    Yessss a 53 minute video woww

  • Aero

    "Don't mess with crazy..." - Etho

  • zero5559

    florida men lol

  • Nurdle

    Loved the video, especially when you searched for diamonds, that was so cool!

  • Jason Jennings-Rigg
    Jason Jennings-Rigg

    Am I the only person who hates Martin, like everything about him is annoying in my opinion

  • Amanda de Oliveira
    Amanda de Oliveira

    split episodes are great

  • Elizabeta Macovei
    Elizabeta Macovei

    18:38 Gravel or clay?

  • Elliot Bob
    Elliot Bob

    11:22 did you see that?

  • Bernardo Puppin
    Bernardo Puppin

    Impuse teaches us to never trust extra nice people trying to be your friend

  • Ponçikgamer


  • Fimm Blemfskey
    Fimm Blemfskey

    Why do scar and impulse have the exact same voice?

  • General Nickles
    General Nickles

    Just FYI for anyone wondering. I went and tried it, and this trick DOES NOT work on bedrock edition.

  • Andrew Lauer
    Andrew Lauer

    One long episode

  • Sawyer Boeke
    Sawyer Boeke

    Now that the whole diamonds in swamps thing has become popular they are probably going to get rid of it... or at least change it up a little

  • TJnosnibor

    Impulse: Want to transport sheep together?

  • dan trev
    dan trev

    grian is making the traps

  • SNIPERboss256

    Tried the swamp diamond trick, was genuinely surprised how well it worked 43 diamond with fortune 3 in half an hour!!

  • Samoht

    I've seen the same video about the clay diamond mining. So cool to see someone implement it! I would leave all the patches of dirt/cobble, it makes people invading in boats harder to travel.

  • Mathis Desbaumes
    Mathis Desbaumes

    long episodes are good

  • celldweller1982

    IMPULSE I FREAKIN LOVE YOU!!!!!!! that diamond trick is amazing!!!!!


    he went from impulse to swampulse

  • Cathal's Cards
    Cathal's Cards

    9.09 minutes in Impluse turns evil.

  • BrownR87

    I like the cut up episodes just because I can fit 30-40 min into a lunch, but 50 min is a bit too long for me. With everyone's making long 3rd life videos these days, I had to resort to watching Futurama for lunch today.

  • ThunderJaw

    Does the swamp diamond math work in bedrock

  • Ihavemyown BG
    Ihavemyown BG

    Plsreply me send my Minecraft latest version link :-# pls

  • Davisan Cleveland
    Davisan Cleveland

    I saw this swamp trick before.


    I want more of these longer videos to binge while also playing minecraft

  • DanSticks

    2 episodes please

  • Amokra


  • Jimmy Holland
    Jimmy Holland

    Etho lost his rep because of the cat.

  • Afro Clips
    Afro Clips

    Love long videos

  • Wortenheimmer

    "To be evil is to be nice" -Sun Tzu, Art of War

  • Let's Talk
    Let's Talk

    You should do a manhunt hide and seek Minecraft server with the create mod and some other mod packs where are you guys make secret bases create alliances and hunt enemies

  • Joaquin_inshorts

    I wonder if the diamond method works on bedrock

  • Brady Parker
    Brady Parker

    1 long episode

  • Brian

    I LOVE this concept. Wish i could join a cool sever like this.

  • Big N8
    Big N8

    2 espisodes

  • theCambunctious

    Impulse: my plan is slowly coming to fruition… mwahaha 😈 Also Impulse: the plan? Friendship 😇

  • Flying Kitty
    Flying Kitty

    The trading of the sheep and the villagers eerily remind me of the slave trade. "Let's bring as many as we can we are probably going to lose some on the way."

  • Vincent Rau
    Vincent Rau

    At least you don't have to be too afraid of traps after Scar died

  • CrossKeysYT

    Hey etho is that your white thing -tango 2021

  • CrossKeysYT


  • skygaming


  • don comedia
    don comedia

    Haha, i dont speak inglesh, im from latam ( ¡¡¡HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!) And play in ps3 xd

  • Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo
    Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo

    Skizzle is nice by nature. Impulse is nice half-heartedly.

  • Matthew Buehler
    Matthew Buehler

    33:32 egg-cellent

  • AgentMiner

    Etho is the wild card in Cleo and bdubs's eyes as the person not to mess with

  • Plasma —
    Plasma —

    I see the diamond strategy and I’m like finally some youtuber is using it

  • Dragon Stubbe
    Dragon Stubbe

    I don't care how you do your episodes, because I just want to watch IMPULSE!!!!!

  • Baradin Varos
    Baradin Varos

    About 25:00 . This will probably get buried as I'm late but I've testing this. It's not only in the z+ direction. If the 7 blocks in the z+ direction crosses chunk borders, the z- direction will have the diamonds instead. So far, it worked for me 100% of the time for about 6-7 digs down.

  • Autumn Rain
    Autumn Rain

    I love the multiple videos per recording sesh. I enjoy having the bite size content more times per week

  • Savanna Rae
    Savanna Rae

    It's a tiny bit confusing keeping up with multiple episodes a week per player. I personally would rather have one longer video per player. I typically veg 3rd life on tuesday or Wednesday lol

  • Emerald Emperor
    Emerald Emperor

    Impulse: I don't want them getting out through the door! The door: Bro I was literally designed to keep villagers from getting through.

  • Anna Ducrohet
    Anna Ducrohet

    Hé says - the stick trade. Me be like - THE STICK HE HAS THE TIME WARP STICK. DREAM SMP CHECCKK

  • Chinesefood

    Why hasnt anyone made an xp farm from the zombie spawner found in the first episode? lucrative business idea

  • Robyn-Mae Roderick
    Robyn-Mae Roderick

    I like what you’ve don’t with the videos but I got a bit confused

  • Carrot Bean
    Carrot Bean

    i actually like the long episodes better

  • Pokejedi

    I think two shorter videos would be best since it easily digestible and it might get you more ad revenue?

  • FlyingwithDragons 543
    FlyingwithDragons 543

    I like the shorter episodes. If you could put "Part 1" or "Part 2", it would be easier to match them up to other hermit's episodes chronologically.

  • Finn Coppinger
    Finn Coppinger

    one episode = great .. also we want to see the tedious stuff too!

  • Steven Katz
    Steven Katz

    I don't know who the best pvp player is, but all that ultra hard core gaming with Skizz should make Impulse a beast at not dying. Quickdraw shield on that creeper has Naked and Scared all over it.

  • Mimi MARX 7
    Mimi MARX 7

    I like the more

  • MartiniBomb

    Etho & Impulse!!!!

  • scraps14

    Fact: if you start your comment with fact, people will read it

  • Noah Palmer
    Noah Palmer

    Tbh the best way to get emeralds is clay with the masons, although that’s assuming you don’t have an iron farm and the villagers that accept iron for emeralds. EDIT: clay is also the best overall because it’s super easy to get early game

  • Noah Palmer
    Noah Palmer

    I wanna try this on the altitude server but I don’t wanna get X-ray banned LMAO

  • QuinncysBox 1
    QuinncysBox 1

    Red tag makes it much more easy for people to not come

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla

    If u do the 2 episodes a session idea u should call them like blank session part 1 and 2 so its easier to line up watches with other hermits episodes

  • Daria P
    Daria P

    I prefer long episodes, I watch them like a movie

  • ImanotaPMC

    sooo excited that you and Etho are teaming up. its like my dream team

  • Emily Christian List
    Emily Christian List

    I am adoring this series! So much fun to watch

  • Dusk Moss
    Dusk Moss

    Armore smith or someone sells diamonds for emeralds

  • The Ivysaurus
    The Ivysaurus

    I really liked breaking up what happened into 2 videos. Its easier to watch in short segments instead of all at once. Also it's gotta be better for monetization.

  • Wither Wolf
    Wither Wolf

    What you should do is zombify & cure a librarian twice to get their book to emerald trade down to 1 book per emerald and also get them an emerald to bookshelf trade down to 1 emerald per bookshelf basically making infinite emeralds but hide it.

  • Lauren H Jenquin
    Lauren H Jenquin

    Make more fletchers & HIDE THEM. With Scar RED now he might still it OR KILL IT OR Some onw might Still it I Wont say Who was talking about it.

  • Shaun Lehr
    Shaun Lehr

    U should've hid your villagers somebody's gonna kill em

  • Enky Janeth Padilla Cedeño
    Enky Janeth Padilla Cedeño

    Efficiency 5 on the first try, how lucky

  • skyaz

    I prefer if you split the episode by 2 or 3, I can barely reach an hour watching something without ended up falling asleep lol

  • Y Gamer
    Y Gamer

    He is already on 4?

  • Stamena

    11:36 look how fast ren moves while shifting

  • Gurplepanda

    I like breaking up the sessions into two episodes. The only disadvantage I find is your second episode might get spoiled.