Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 01: MY BEST STARTER BASE YET!
Today we gather some resources, build a starter base, get some diamonds, and make friends for life in a Botem Pole 😂

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Gaming, Minecraft

  • TrashPanda1120

    The time when mumbo becomes that vegan teacher

  • Sup nerd ——
    Sup nerd ——

    I knew something was better but now I know the music it’s so much better

  • Cringe Youtuber Name
    Cringe Youtuber Name

    impulse: says he will give us fantasy builds, also impulse: LEtS mAkE a FActoRY fOr mY meGa bAse!!

  • Serena Hill
    Serena Hill

    Pretty ironic opening seeing as his base had NO DOORS!!!!

  • UtrubanZeterianGaming

    Impulse do you have a guide on how to build a Skeleton XP farm?? I'm trying to make one but the guides are a bit difficult to understand. How did you make this one in Season Eight so that the water elevator didn't mess up the water push??

  • Aubrey Maddox Buckson
    Aubrey Maddox Buckson

    *Me watching this after everyone as started there mega base* Also me: “OH MY GOSH- THE BOATEM POLE!!!”

  • Fading Raindrops
    Fading Raindrops

    This is my first time watching Impulse and now I love this channel. Time to binge!

  • iive

    idk if its just me, but sometimes i think impulse and scar sound the same

  • Accelerate Void
    Accelerate Void

    I feel like java is too spoiled with their diamond generation 🙃

  • Grantham Chopp
    Grantham Chopp

    Grian: exists Iron golem: yeat

  • Nathan Ma
    Nathan Ma


  • Senex

    That’s a Minecraft story quote at the start

    • Senex

      Is that a hint

  • adumelial rothstein
    adumelial rothstein

    Impulse, I adore your voice!? 😎 I am going to try and catch up on ur episodes of HC SE VIII. Back to your voice? Are you as animated in RL as your voice sounds? I'm an animated person myself. Yep, all the dudes at work wanted to sit by me cos they said I was a riot on the IT support calls. I was surprised and thought it hilarious. Anyways, looks like this season is going to be a lot of fun Mayhem going on and I love the idea of helping one another. Alrighty, off to try and catch up binge watching all the Hermits and what you Impulse discover in this season. Looks like you are off to a goodly start. Hey!? Wicked good SKELLY spawner you and Grian built. 😎 Mk...I'll comment layers. Your a cool noob ! Just know you are not alone...haha!? ~❤~ PEACE & GB you fella! 😄

  • Nikolaj

    i love the timelapse music when you build your house

  • Giles Killpack
    Giles Killpack

    You spelled Boatem wrong

  • Sparking_Luxray

    Tbh, Scar and Impulse sound almost exactly the same. BUT, both of them are equally good! I can’t wait to watch more of Season 8!

  • Karapushka

    luke and subb

  • Ina Gjaltema
    Ina Gjaltema

    31:20 wait what??? A 9 diamond cluster THATS RARE!

  • Midnight


  • Whiiffed

    Scar saying "I won't kill you" with that smile and eyes while holding an axe is the most threatening thing ever

  • Kennic12

    A sus good source huh

  • Fake User
    Fake User

    Woohoo season 5!! :D

  • MKZ3003

    I decided too start watching you and I already watch grian and mumble and I’m not disapointed

  • UncleRanger

    I realized Impulse has the same timelapse music (style?) with Pearl

  • guus Kersten
    guus Kersten

    23:23 your floor pattern is looking a bit sus impulse

  • DreamingSnorlax


  • Romanlowe47


  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres

    maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this happen!!!

  • Hank Turtlebut
    Hank Turtlebut

    You need to praise the boatem

  • Moondust2365

    Is it just me or do Impulse and Pearl use the same timelapse music? XD

  • DoughMonke

    One flaw of grians skin take of the hair and his head is a cod head

  • Sienna Joubert
    Sienna Joubert

    Diamonds are more common at level 6 now

  • Butterfly Bitch
    Butterfly Bitch

    The beginning of this episode made it feel so emotion, but also powerful.

  • LylaDagger

    Is it just me or did Impulse accidentally play a Banjo Kazooie song on those note blocks?

  • Bekah

    Boatem Bros!

  • ꕥ•Iris does Gacha•ꕥ
    ꕥ•Iris does Gacha•ꕥ

    Please that intro was a bit sad

  • Tobi

    Kakashi made a new friend :(

  • WolfSnek-Emerald

    “An overall good time” Ah yes GoodTimesWithImpulse

  • Scarchain6891

    I've watched and caught up by now every hermit that's in the boatem area except for yours (excited to watch it now cause work sucks ass sometimes) and I STILL cant get over the fact that Mumbo's first outfit looks like he has no pants on 😂 Grian even tells him that and it finally clicks lol

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    Boaten pearl

  • ThatOneLeaf

    "pearl is the best builder" *Grian will remember that*

  • Naoto Hex
    Naoto Hex

    Are you guys sticking close together this season so you can load new stuff easier next update without having to go thousands of blocks out?

  • Sabo

    I think i’m gonna like this season :)

  • Toni D.
    Toni D.



    Whatching him build his base at first I was thinking it looks weird Till he added the walls and details I started feeling ashamed

  • hunt4muleys

    Doofinshmirts evil incorporated After I watched this: impulse red stone imagination-house Then realizing it didn’t have a jingle 😫

  • droolver

    I'm actually on hours 13 hours of watching all the hermits 😞🥴

  • Adier Twigg
    Adier Twigg

    That glorious waffle

  • Red

    That nether spawn tho.. F

  • Bexy 1
    Bexy 1

    Loving all the Replaymod stuff!!

  • ImagineThis!


  • المنوع دومن
    المنوع دومن

    متابعك من الجزيره العربيه من العراق احبك استمر

  • 》Xian《

    I still can't replicate that interior, thats the kind i want, compact but still have enough space to navigate

  • Jayjay 8271
    Jayjay 8271

    How much time do they spend on there first episodes like over 10+ hours I’d say cause the amount of stuff you guys get down in 1 episode is insane almost makes me think you guys use creative mode to cheat...

  • Prince Krealis XIII O' Kralom
    Prince Krealis XIII O' Kralom

    Boatem is foreshadowing

  • Mr. Octagator
    Mr. Octagator

    Could you tell me how what the timelapse song was called

  • Chrissiontourx

    I love your voice

  • Aya Camps-Romero
    Aya Camps-Romero

    Is anyone going to talk about the swastika on the second floor 23:24

  • William Reitter
    William Reitter

    dude, just kill the dude on the bottom, then drink milk. It will earase the bad omen effect.

  • Devon Jameson
    Devon Jameson

    Saying there’s peanuts in peanut butter is like saying there’s lemon in lemonade

  • Yeeters

    new meta for mining dian=monds is Y5

  • Sharp Xenon
    Sharp Xenon

    I'm guessing that they have mentioned that the world out the continent is becuz they are planning to wait for 1.18 . I want to know if the hermits prefer to live and make bases close to each other or far apart in 1.18

  • Andrew Galaviz
    Andrew Galaviz

    i’m depressed and I wish I was dead HAHAHAHA

    • Sharp Xenon
      Sharp Xenon


  • Asians FTW
    Asians FTW

    I'm looking forward to the episodes of this season from your perspective! I always saw your collaborations with other Hemits from their episodes but I never came to your channel to see all of the cool contraptions, builds, & shenanigans from your side of the story. The intro of this video was a wonderful welcome into this brand new season & I'm ready for what it has to offer!

  • POV Studios
    POV Studios

    When I watched Grian's episode and I know the future: Me: My goals are beyond your understanding

  • ecsj

    Pearl somehow looks like a Mario character when she’s inside the block with her eyes poking out 😆

  • •Kaylee•

    when mumbo said 'you've done it Australian style- upside down' i looked at the screen saying in my head. Im Australian- a weird chaotic Australian

  • Evelyn Page
    Evelyn Page

    The intro. THE INTRO. IM SO SAD

    • Sharp Xenon
      Sharp Xenon

      No joke, I expected "When one door closes" "Grian is there to steal it"

  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose

    LMAO... At least you didn't travel over 8,000 close to 9,000 blocks to get to a place to build a portal which is actual 11,500( away from my home base) to get to a Nether fortress to get achievements ... and... FORGET, to bring your stack of obsidian, your diamond pickaxes, and your flint and steel. Ten stops along the way 6 iron pick axes, was about to say ( insert bad words here) and give up, when I found a village with a ravine and saw .....DIAMONDS... got close, used my water bucket and went water sliding. Lol. Yes, I did remember to bring my iron fortune pick ax. My sons reaction.. " Mom, you are worse then a Noob. But, the only one I know who can find diamonds so quickly." I said one word. Hermitcraft. hehe

  • Sam Schellhase
    Sam Schellhase

    "I'm going to make a real starter base, not just take over a village" I feel attacked

  • boudicaa storm
    boudicaa storm

    Lol, that has to have been the worst Nether portal location I've ever seen, lava on both sides! Looking forward to seeing your base build, fantasy and redstone sounds interesting!

  • John Michael Reños
    John Michael Reños

    Why are you so advance i am not complaining ok just asking

  • Logan Sinor
    Logan Sinor

    I left the channel for a while. I just got back happy to see he is almost at a million😊. Great vid man keep it up

  • J Cooper
    J Cooper

    I love this guy so much. Keep up the awesome work!!! Thanks for all the cool videos!!!

  • Brian Spaulding
    Brian Spaulding

    This man deserves to have at least 2 mil subs. First time watcher and I already love his stuff

  • KayRocker

    I remember waiting until you were about to hit 100k just to subscribe as the 100k sub, I even had a video of it. You are almost at 1m now and I honestly can't believe it.

  • Official Whale
    Official Whale

    How do you not get burnt out after so many hours?

  • Greg T
    Greg T

    I was wondering about diamond level, going to go down to 5 too to check it out in my current branch mine

  • Myste

    Cubfan: Replaces back all nether wart in nether fortress impulse: *TAKE IT ALL*

  • Jacob Fulea
    Jacob Fulea

    They boosted spawn rates but the vein size is small now

  • Dragapult

    Next season on ep: 1 *full netherite prot 4* IvE bEeN iN tHe MINes!11!

  • Lokison the Seventh
    Lokison the Seventh


  • Eric Schenkenberger
    Eric Schenkenberger

    Awesome music for the time lapse!

  • Hkroro

    Optifine zoom + fov 30 + spyglass

  • the big blue boi
    the big blue boi

    Ngl i think impulse is underated

  • Jaiden Weimer.
    Jaiden Weimer.

    Really mumbo y?

  • Rachel R.
    Rachel R.

    Since I started watching during season 7, I haven't watched many hermits. I'm fixing that this season :D The part where you met Grian with spy glasses was really fun

  • Growing jordon
    Growing jordon

    the most pointless content is that boat pole.. how ignorant can you guys get lol. maybe this is why i get bored so quickly

  • armands viksnins
    armands viksnins

    *watches Grian* "Boatem pole" *wawtches iskall85* "Boatem pole" *watching ImpulseSV* 2:37 Boerm pole

  • Jackson Pollard
    Jackson Pollard

    mumbo jumbo prasies to the boatem pole

  • Birkholm

    No one’s gonna mention how he rode a kinda long sentence in chat while talking. My guy can multitask

  • Emil Seksembayev
    Emil Seksembayev

    Anyone know the song that starts in the Nether ? At 15:30 loving the tunes just couldn't shazam it

  • zinkerfall

    I love the fact that subtitles censored cubs name when you said scar and cub xD

  • ethan causey
    ethan causey

    23:25 am I the only one who saw the swastica on top o the base lol

  • BUFF Master Noob
    BUFF Master Noob

    Is season 10 the end?

  • SunDry Marchy
    SunDry Marchy

    Praise be boatem. Really nice to see how that boat got occupied, nobody else touched the subject of it

  • nichloas o'driscoll
    nichloas o'driscoll

    Dream SMP: Wars happening and people being revived HermitCraft: BOATEM POLE

  • The Chef
    The Chef

    Impulse is like that cool uncle everyone likes

  • Dr. Smart
    Dr. Smart

    season 7 ended with his base still blue and pink? Impulse says trans rights!

  • Everleigh H
    Everleigh H