Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 04: OPENING OUR FIRST SHOP!
Today we build a sugarcane farm, do some end busting, and open a new shop!

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  • Jake

    YOUR EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eesha Jamil
    Eesha Jamil

    Aww I'm so glad they referenced 3rd life! Ahhh, no spoilers but dayyum, bdubs is going all out with them clocks eh? xDDD For anyone confused about 'THE CLOCK', I IMPLORE you, watch 3rd life! It's super intense, like a PG game of thrones hahahaha Edit: Timmy loves you :'(

  • Sophia Applehill
    Sophia Applehill

    I wish he named isoar ifly

  • Callum Bryan
    Callum Bryan

    This is a bit late but does the music when hes building the ISoar sound a bit like the lego star wars music when you are in the bar thing, i cant really remember the game that well but i feel like its similar

  • Somanykizo


  • Hypenos

    The friendship between geminitay and impulse is so nice

  • Christopher Mancier
    Christopher Mancier


  • sam

    "aww poor timmy" "I'm so sorry timmy" "anyways.. you wanna go steal his stuff?" "hell yeah"

  • YoUr TrAsH kId
    YoUr TrAsH kId

    8:32 the opps was funny

  • Ruru

    11:18 did anyone notice after impulse says that Timmy nods?

  • Blue Eleephant
    Blue Eleephant


  • Soda Pull Tab
    Soda Pull Tab

    my dad just finished yelling at me so im watching my comfort youtuber ü

  • Bou Lois
    Bou Lois

    Why does he only use flight duration 1 rockets😭

  • meeko

    Kill our friends and take there stuff RIP Timmy

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson

    15:30 * Pesky Bird wants to know your location *

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson

    14:16 HE’S A MAD GENIUS

  • Jassy

    Oh no... We sacrificed timmy~ Anyway, free stuff!

  • Pedro Henrique Kowalski Flemming
    Pedro Henrique Kowalski Flemming


  • _agent_999_

    1:08 impulse be like shulker i've come to bargain(dr strange referance)

  • Darian Stefani
    Darian Stefani

    he totally just yoshi'ed Timmy

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder

    why the hell would you kill timmy you monster!!!!

  • Stop Motion Productions
    Stop Motion Productions

    Hey guys see the trigger if invisible is it possible to use that in my single player world?

  • adumelial rothstein
    adumelial rothstein

    LOLs @ I soar sign. Brilliant Impulve you riotous clown guy!! 😜

  • Omar Abugharbieh
    Omar Abugharbieh

    Impulse : uses purpur. Grain : ‘vietnam flashbacks’.

  • ApocalypseOfSpoons

    If that sugar cane farm is "super simple", then either Impulse is a genius or I'm an idiot. The good news is, Timmy isn't sad.

  • Andrew Kroemer
    Andrew Kroemer

    I think Grian and Mumbo might have been somewhat responsible for what happened to Timmy for renaming the cave from Cave of Temptations to Cave of Do Not Enter because Cave of Temptations might have been able to deter Pearl and Impulse as they’d know why it put stuff they really wanted in the chest that being to tempt them and show their strength and thus they’d have tried harder to avoid taking it but well we all know that didn’t happen

  • Robi Tron
    Robi Tron

    Wow, just wow. You sacrificed Timmy for some blocks! That was horrible! Of course, Timmy is no long sad. So I guess that's a plus?

  • Thunder Lion
    Thunder Lion

    I love hermitcraft !

  • dumb fat
    dumb fat

    timmy's murder was a home invasion gone wrong

  • Collin Martin
    Collin Martin

    When he saw the horse armor. The biggest gap in history.

  • Amber Birowski
    Amber Birowski

    Impulse woke up and chose violence

  • Shanester Derp
    Shanester Derp

    a bit late! catching up on your season 8 videos tonight!! love the content bro! so happy with ur little starter base and such

  • Agnar Kristjansson
    Agnar Kristjansson

    MY BOYYY!! LOOK HOW THEY MASSACARED MY BOYYY!!! (Big mouth referance)

  • Cobalt Sage
    Cobalt Sage

    Impulse: I’m gonna steal to steal that pig The Boatem Hole: you will immediately be punished for your hubris

  • m4ini

    Having scripted stuff is fine, but sorry bud, the Timmy stuff was just cringe. You also come off as slightly thirsty.

  • Lucas Jones
    Lucas Jones

    That diorite on the eyesaw is perfect Really fits in with the vibe of looking bad 👌

  • Jonathan Schroeder
    Jonathan Schroeder

    Does anyone else think the i In isoar looks more like an A

  • Stop Motion Productions
    Stop Motion Productions


  • Stop Motion Productions
    Stop Motion Productions

    Bdubs's reaction to the horse saddle and horse armour was amazing

    • Justin X102
      Justin X102

      He’s so pure and adorable

  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez

    The isoar is better than anything I can build in creative....... *sadness

  • hayden Abernathy
    hayden Abernathy

    Impulse: builds visor Scar has never seen such bullsh*t

  • Youssef Issa
    Youssef Issa

    impulse be simping for Gem Lmao

  • Ben Gunn
    Ben Gunn

    The book “Timmy loves you” was by tango

  • Justus Jeronimus
    Justus Jeronimus

    7:21 penus

  • Eric's channel
    Eric's channel

    buy timmy :[ i love pigs :[

  • ThatOneGuy

    RIP Timmy. :,(

  • Adier Twigg
    Adier Twigg

    Rip timmy :...(

  • dish

    I'm genuinely sad for Timmy

  • Brandon Roy
    Brandon Roy

    Seeing impulse and Geminitay talking makes me miss my friend that was girl because she acted just like gem

  • Pab

    I came here for the tegg, but I absolutely love your videos! Binging hermitcraft 8

  • Benj

    plot twist: Impulse was just setting Timmy's soul free

  • thomas phelps
    thomas phelps

    Noooo not timmy

  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres

    maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this real!!!

  • FEAR hehe
    FEAR hehe


  • Mister Chil
    Mister Chil

    15:30 What my minecraft houses look like

  • Crossfade

    RIP Timmy lol

  • Disrupter's Animations
    Disrupter's Animations

    impulse* sacrifices timmy to the boatem hole (2 secs later) he and pearl sad over timmy's death (2 secs later) impulse and pearl: anyways

  • Sneezy_HD

    Did you know that End Cities can only spawn in chunks that can be divided by 20(for example chunk 0 20 or 60 200): minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/End_City#Generation

  • Benjamin W. Collins
    Benjamin W. Collins

    Impulse is such a responsible pet owner. RIP Timmy.

  • Mala Kay
    Mala Kay

    Impulse’s intentionally bad build still looks better than most of mine

  • MaineKid

    Timmy: Dies Impulse and Pearl: Oh No! Anyways… Also Impulse: Throughs Timmy’s last message into the void

  • GhoSt

    R.I.P. Timmy

  • TheSnowballEffect

    Ruthlessly murdered Timmy and brushed it off like it was nothing..

  • WolfSnek-Emerald


  • ImDoubleYou

    Now the question is: is it a black 'i' or a yellow 'a'?

  • Pug King
    Pug King

    What is the thing that shows inside the shulkers?

  • Bael Hidazoul
    Bael Hidazoul

    timmy... you monster

  • Bonkers

    What the dogs doing

  • King Ghidorah
    King Ghidorah

    Oh no, Timmy is gone... Anyway

  • Josh Wilcken
    Josh Wilcken

    OH MY GOSH YOU USED THE EFFICIENT WAY TO LAY OUT SUGARCANE!! I've never seen any big creators do it before!

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    You should try and get a survival server and play with the sigils gang and the other hermits and I think that you and sigils could make some awesome shops

    • Donovan Tuomi
      Donovan Tuomi

      You basically the same person

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    Honey is now better than golden carrots

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    Isaur a eye saur

  • Salty Applez
    Salty Applez

    timmy just got yoshied

  • FlubbyPantz

    timmy:"falls" in void impulse and pearl: oh no! anyway

  • SilverCJ


  • Jordan P
    Jordan P

    Impulse: let's free Timmy **One minute later** Timmy: **Starts falling** **One Week Later** Timmy: **Still Falling**

  • OCEedits

    Impulse- calling his sugar cane farm simple Me- why didn't you just make a 0 tick sugar cane farm with bone meal with a In and off switch -_-

  • Crispy Bacon-16
    Crispy Bacon-16

    Timmy will now be exploring the infinite wonder that is the void for the rest of eternity.

  • Markulez

    Timmy just means that every day the chest gets a little bit more tempting to grab but if you wait more stuff will go in

  • DaftFader

    You should make a shop selling spy glassez and call it i-spy!

  • DaftFader

    Impulse is so tramertized by falling into the void, he has to check every block missing from the floor that he passes just in case it's a doom hole. 😂

  • Luke Jonker
    Luke Jonker

    I love the time lapses

  • Tamaki Amajiki
    Tamaki Amajiki


  • Saignus

    So many 3rd-Life references. I laughed a lot this episode RIP Timmy

  • knowbrainer233

    When you said 'eye sore' I thought you were going to build a giant eyeball... Kinda disappointed.

  • iD2D wyza4
    iD2D wyza4

    Is it just me or does hermitcraft motivate yall to play minecraft more?

  • DigitalSlime

    Timmy dying is definitely "Oh no! Anyway,"

  • Jan Vafa
    Jan Vafa

    Man you guys need to put a fence around the boatem hole!!!!

  • I Decode Hi
    I Decode Hi

    They rly just freed Timmy, kill him, then robbed him of his house and belongings. Damn Twitter should do something abt this PETA!!!!

  • Kenyx YT
    Kenyx YT

    7:19 Why have I never thought about doing that.

  • ExquisiteLemon

    How could u find ur way home

  • SimPle VC
    SimPle VC

    you need to decenter the glass pane at iSoar and that gonna be super not good looking xD

  • Prod Smoothie
    Prod Smoothie

    simp alert WEE WOO

  • John the herbalist G
    John the herbalist G

    You just Yoshi'd Timmy 😥

  • NAVE

    1:43 imagine if u could reverse craft tools back in to diamonds. U would be so rich rn 😂

  • Oriyn0

    0:36 I know I’m not the only one thinking about Zaxby’s

  • Shedderdude

    iSoar vs The NWC

  • Behind Face Man
    Behind Face Man

    That Isoar looks better than my house..