Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 08: TIME TO PLAY SOME TEGG!
Today we open another shop in the sky, search for the dragon egg, and meet up with Wels to check on the progress of the YWC airport.

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Gaming, Minecraft

  • Sawyer Payton
    Sawyer Payton


  • tastysausage69

    Au its hot

  • Cameron Neilson
    Cameron Neilson

    Call ur shop Inflated prices.

  • Randy Ollmann
    Randy Ollmann

    Call the shop "Up High Buys"

  • Joshua Raun
    Joshua Raun

    Yes wing bling could be an idea

  • The Toast Lord
    The Toast Lord

    ''Who's Tom and who's Jerry?!?!'' That's gotta be bait right?

  • Anthony Gruff
    Anthony Gruff

    9:32-9:33 Fly to Buy would be a great pun and slogan!🤣✈️

  • Patrick Wolf
    Patrick Wolf

    Goldie blocks instead of Goldie locks

  • Manu Wiering
    Manu Wiering

    I loon

  • Fiqz

    21:00 i wanna know who's that person is.. He/she probably got super frustrated.. 😂😂

  • Inky Hamster
    Inky Hamster

    Who’s Tom who’s Jerry lol has anyone else watched the show

  • Asp3N

    Air goldoon

  • Saignus

    You could call it "Get a Raise" since it helps goldbugs stay in the black

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    I never expected Impulse to get the Tegg that fast

  • Caleb Taylor
    Caleb Taylor

    Hot pun ballon

  • Maxy YT
    Maxy YT

    what a bout my soar

  • Jaco Van Der merwe
    Jaco Van Der merwe


  • William Thomas
    William Thomas

    gosh, i float is the perfect name

  • Bill Page
    Bill Page

    Since you sell Blackstone you can call it hot air Balackstone

  • Charlie Gardner
    Charlie Gardner

    Goldey shops (it sounds like goldey locks)

  • Raven Pickels
    Raven Pickels

    The cheap halibut rheologically drag because wing summarily precede amidst a glamorous llama. ill-informed, holistic narcissus

  • ThatOneGuy

    My two brain cells were trying their absolute hardest to solve the clues of Iskall's tegg, but in the end it was too much for one of them, and now I only have one brain cell.

  • manideep minecrafter
    manideep minecrafter


  • Reagancurt Yeet
    Reagancurt Yeet


  • GeeklingNo1

    Pause at 23:08 😆

  • Omega-1 gaming and customs
    Omega-1 gaming and customs

    Gold stone

  • Marvin Moosmann
    Marvin Moosmann

    You could call it "Gold'n Stones"

    • michael swonger
      michael swonger

      Same thing I said lol

  • Albi Alexander
    Albi Alexander

    Name the shop iFloatem because everything starts with i, it floats and is above the boatem village

  • Eileen Rowland
    Eileen Rowland

    Name the shop 🔥 deal beacas hot air balloon

  • Lennon Read
    Lennon Read

    The floatom village gold

  • Dracathio

    Sounds like Pearl read one of my comments on someone's video xD

  • Dracathio

    Impulse needs to play more puzzle games xD

  • Beanis

    congrats on 1mil !!!!

  • Joao Luis Vilela
    Joao Luis Vilela

    "Impulse to the air"

  • Lost Desendant
    Lost Desendant

    " The i-stone store"

  • xzu

    golden air could be cool

  • Samantha Philbin
    Samantha Philbin

    this is old but High Soar

  • Wolf Shot25
    Wolf Shot25

    The golden balloon as your shop

  • Mardogaming

    You should name it black gold


    Hot Air Bullion

  • Tenshi Kuroi
    Tenshi Kuroi

    My dumb butt was like "iFlAut" (like Au as in gold)

  • Robert Yntema
    Robert Yntema

    blackgold: maybe :P

  • Lil Nezumi
    Lil Nezumi

    "i Ore", sounds funny.

  • TheDelta Clown
    TheDelta Clown

    Is it me or does the time lapse music sound like "The Muppet Show" theme music?

  • Herkus

    hot air gold-oon

  • Marcos Panagopoulos
    Marcos Panagopoulos

    gold air balloon

  • Tickled Tootsie Matt
    Tickled Tootsie Matt

    if you see this impulse you could pick the name, "24 carrot air shops" if you make more :)

  • John Castronovo
    John Castronovo

    da bloons

  • Offside10unc

    Hot and heavy air balloons, cause it’s gold and heavy

  • Alexander Whittle
    Alexander Whittle

    Probably already named it, but "The Hot Air Bullion" would be great!

  • Ken & Ellen Sudduth
    Ken & Ellen Sudduth


  • Jackpot

    You should make a shop we the hermits request as many items they want in the game and you go and collect it for them and deliver it to their base and charge them depending how what you think it's worth

  • ericsolojedi


  • Elsbergas Elsbergas
    Elsbergas Elsbergas

    black herous

  • J Fitz
    J Fitz

    Is there a tutorial for the mini-iron farm?

  • Milkyboy 204
    Milkyboy 204

    You could call it y’oinks! The deal is a yoink and it comes from piglins, y’oinks!

  • Blaze-Chicken-Nuggie

    I got a name: batering baloon

  • Haley Fox
    Haley Fox

    You should name the store Highaway

  • Marit StroeykensHermans
    Marit StroeykensHermans

    name the shop Gold balloon

  • FlyingBrontoNuggets

    You could call the shop Au-Some Air since you sell gold

  • HSO- YAC
    HSO- YAC

    Impulse's b'Au'loon (Au is gold)

  • Cactus Guy
    Cactus Guy

    name for shop 'The Chonker 2000'

    • Cactus Guy
      Cactus Guy

      jk obv

  • C Fry23
    C Fry23

    Unsubscribed because of this video. How unprofessional to just brute force Iskals puzzle. But it’s ok because “haha I’m impulsive”. AADHD isn’t an excuse to just disrespect another members work/time. He didn’t just hide it under a lava puddle, he came up with a whole series of puzzles. Not quick or easy. And worse, he blamed himself for not making it lock out. Seriously? Hey, next time just pick axe through the wall because “haha I’m impulsive. I don’t care about the game. It doesn’t matter but it shows a lack of integrity to essentially cheat to beat it. You should remove yourself from the game after you get the egg and return it to him. Super disappointed.

  • Ashwanth Kalyan
    Ashwanth Kalyan

    Lets make this man hit 1 ml before this month!

  • Tha Squigz
    Tha Squigz

    Hmmm puns..it might b a pun but gold. And blackstone.. gladstone?

  • Crimsonyss 11
    Crimsonyss 11

    Pirate themed build where you sell eyes of ender, ender pearls, spider eyes ectect and call it i-eye, like what pirates say

  • Danies Alex
    Danies Alex

    The people in the no wings club can use the riptide enchanted Trident

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown


  • alliance sintcheu
    alliance sintcheu


  • Durandesca 72
    Durandesca 72

    Rise and shine gold and goodies shop

  • Dylan Larsen
    Dylan Larsen

    Impulse dragging 64 into stacks of 16 just blew my mind, is this vanilla? Can someone enlighten me?

  • Kara Schwartz
    Kara Schwartz


  • Kristian Winlock
    Kristian Winlock

    When you realize all you had to do was push the button cause the torches were right when you started

  • Fake User
    Fake User

    Didn't grain say one side of the egg had to be air or something and you couldn't have blocks facing all sides? To me glass is considered a block and I think scar cheated.

  • Bread with White paint on it
    Bread with White paint on it

    Gold…. Blingpulse Wares?

  • Gio Polo Baldovino
    Gio Polo Baldovino

    You should put Redstone elevator that goes all the way up the balloon

  • Nicholas Ristau
    Nicholas Ristau

    The stocks are high

  • Sofia Damberg
    Sofia Damberg

    Comin' in hot :D

  • TheHermitsWay


  • Mr. line
    Mr. line


  • Wyatt Laker
    Wyatt Laker

    You can call it glimps cuase it has gold and it is a blimp

  • Yoyo

    blockair balloon

  • TheContentCollab

    make it GoldenCrown

  • Cadence Gauley
    Cadence Gauley

    I feel like Impulse completely cheated the system for Tegg. Iskall dedicated an entire episode to building that base just for Tegg and he was really hoping he could win. His puzzle was actually very cool and then Impulse just came along and cheated the parkour, just spammed the buttons without even thinking about it, and then just gave up right away on all the clues. He didn't even have to explore the whole house to win. Kind of cheap ngl. Very disappointing Impulse.

  • Satan


  • Meshaal Ismail
    Meshaal Ismail

    Goldie rocks?

  • Mackaronie

    hot DEAL balloon, hot gold balloon

  • AssuredBag822

    Shop Name :: Gold-n-Blocks

  • Sebby Tea
    Sebby Tea

    you should name your shop Ifloatem because its in the boatem village

  • Andrew Hawks
    Andrew Hawks

    The shop should be called the golden airhead. I don’t care if I’m a bit late

  • Mra1rcut

    Swifty gold 😂❤️‍🔥

  • PhatRat Fever
    PhatRat Fever

    99 goldstone balloons

  • Jack Coles
    Jack Coles


  • immenotu01

    You have I Soar next door…you could call this one High Soar

  • CadetteKat

    Gold DeBaloons

  • Sir Arts
    Sir Arts

    Air you in need of Gold

  • Milo Playz Again
    Milo Playz Again

    flapping floater

  • Jo Br
    Jo Br

    it's sad that iskall put so much efford in and then this happendes :(

  • DoughMonke

    Every one in no wings club be like I need gold but I can’t get

  • Erik Leijon
    Erik Leijon

    Shop namn: skyhigh sells