Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 06: XP OVERLOAD!
Today we construct an amazing Gold and XP farm, make horses fly, and consider making a new club on the server.

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Saturday July 10th at 9AM Pacific US Time

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  • Justin X102
    Justin X102

    Rip 401 levels. Was legit saying nooooooo the levels as I watched you fall

  • black knight
    black knight

    impulse which texurepack or mod are you using to see how much there is in a shulker

  • Alex Palacios Santos
    Alex Palacios Santos

    You have such awesome video production and farm designs

  • Apteryx Drake
    Apteryx Drake

    Someone might have already said this... but I just have to add in my suggestion just in case.... flying pigs... ;)

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    Impulse what upgrades did you do to the gold farm?

  • 19 adhyayan das
    19 adhyayan das

    lots of magma blocks = gold farm

  • Sweet

    how did sleepin work like that if impulse never slept?

  • Sweet

    love how he just has circles memorized and down to a science

  • Aean Ominae
    Aean Ominae

    Watching through season 8, and I can't wait to see Pegasus from Grian's perspective.

  • Zathome

    I love how this video turned into how many horses can fly together before it becomes to much,.the answer, there is no limit

  • Reaper AF
    Reaper AF

    okay how did you build this without being disturbed by ghasts cause ive been trying to build it and they are constantly pissing me off

    • Andin Gangsar
      Andin Gangsar

      Just set your render distance to lowest and ghast will never spawn again

  • Brecht Mahieu
    Brecht Mahieu

    1:14 noice xp level

  • atrix

    Welsknight missed the opportunity to say "This cannot fly"

  • Sticks

    Hey impulse just wondering how you fixed the xp getting stuck because it’s happening to me

    • Sticks

      @Andin Gangsar yeah that’s what i’ve been doing. It’s annoying though if I want to afk

    • Andin Gangsar
      Andin Gangsar

      Or you may remove that glass or slab completely and just using 1 slab in middle. When the xp stuck in minecart you can stand near grindstone to get it

    • Andin Gangsar
      Andin Gangsar

      That's my best suggestion 😂, it work for me tho

    • Sticks

      @Andin Gangsar sorry it doesn’t work still

    • Andin Gangsar
      Andin Gangsar

      Did you see slab with orange carpet right there 5:09, try to replace glass block on both side with slab too

  • Noell Gautier
    Noell Gautier

    K sooo how bout you try to see is a pig can fly lmao

  • XYZR _3
    XYZR _3

    9:39 why does Mumbo have 18 kills? What happened to Peace Love And Plants?

  • LeannaRuth Jensen
    LeannaRuth Jensen

    Pigs accept saddles too so if they put a wing box to make a horse a Pegasus then pigs could fly....cool

  • Potato Guy
    Potato Guy

    I’m on team horse. I’m a wizard with the Elytra but I play Red Dead Online and I absolutely love riding around on my horse.

  • Ian Battaglia
    Ian Battaglia


  • Kevin Brookens
    Kevin Brookens

    The horses names were “expendable” and “test glue stick #1” LMAO that’s pure comedy.

  • Joker SJslinker
    Joker SJslinker

    I love impulses ti.e lapse music!

  • Pary

    Is there a vid showing how to make that sorting system

  • Cola Cat
    Cola Cat


  • Ebbsi Peppsi
    Ebbsi Peppsi

    26:50 and that's on capitalism

  • RiverTiger767

    What’s the music you used at the start of the video, when building the gold farm? thanks!

  • Aghast

    hey! why didn't you choose to build ilmangos newer design? just curious as it produces pretty much double the xp and also double the gold, at around 300 gold blocks per hour, whilst this one is only around 150 gold blocks per hour i'm pretty sure, and his newer design gives 250k xp/h while this one, from almost 4 years ago gives 120k xp/h

  • Sur Som Satan
    Sur Som Satan

    Clearly you lost the levels before filming horsing around.

  • Jonathan Schroeder
    Jonathan Schroeder

    It appears your not aware that golems do not attack creepers

  • Johan Wahlström
    Johan Wahlström

    This is indeed the important work :)

  • Bea

    Almost no horses were harmed in the making of this video

  • Ben Kiist
    Ben Kiist

    Pegasus? Mega sus!


    Please take a moment to recognize all the horses that have sacrificed their lives for this experiment...

  • spyvingen

    Anyone who built this that has a world download i can look at? Or if Impulse maybe could release his world where he probably have built this first before he built it in HC server

  • GoldFish_Gamer

    Idea for the next season, Everyone get's assigned 1-2 or 3 farm to make and only you can profit from that produce, So it forces money around.

  • Emily Sherman
    Emily Sherman

    Horses aren't wheelchair accessible lol

  • Not Today
    Not Today

    Mile High Club. Awards are based upon miles flown high up.

  • b

    4:20 the barge

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones

    Impulse just went “so I did a little off cam afking and got some levels”

  • Aimee O'Neill
    Aimee O'Neill

    I love how happy everyone sounds while riding the “flying” horses lol. Definitely brought a smile to my face

  • Illia Malimon
    Illia Malimon

    The time-lapse music makes me laugh

  • Tindra

    That flying-horse-part of the video was very funny, I found myself smiling throught the whole section. =D

  • michaelhpd123

    grian said what on earth more like whats not on earth

  • Obi wan Kenobi
    Obi wan Kenobi

    1:11 nice

  • Jhbhjb

    Hi impulse If u attach a sticky piston to a gold block and a redstone clock the rates go up

  • TrueLasagna

    What gold farm design is this and can you provide a link if its on youtube?

  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres

    maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this real!!!

  • Mr. Josh
    Mr. Josh

    Replace the p in pegasus with an m

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato

    you, grian, and scar together make the most wholesome boys will be boys momments

  • Elise365

    He is getting ride of the heads :o

  • Anonymouse

    I REALLY like your little item sorter down at the bottom of the gold farm. Would you perhaps be inclined in making a guide on how to build it? or is there somewhere I could find this sorting system? Thanks in advance!


    These clubs are gonna start another war smh

  • Maxim Baránek
    Maxim Baránek

    the horse is pega-sus

  • Saignus

    What if you started a frequent flyer program like airlines used to do! It could include prizes and services for the most distance flown. And a private lounge with snacks

  • Cadence Gauley
    Cadence Gauley

    Fun fact: if you stay on your horse, it doesn’t take fall damage!

    • Cadence Gauley
      Cadence Gauley

      Nvm it only works on bedrock I guess

  • Orala


  • Regulus Brennar
    Regulus Brennar

    Impulse and Wels straight up just makes the Winx Club XD

  • MrZombie

    Have a flying race, that way people will need wings to enter, or a sledge race (boat pulled by a winged player)...not sure it this works you would need to test

  • Joe Mayer
    Joe Mayer

    The pro wings club

  • Rajaonah-Ratsimisetra Valisoa Kayla
    Rajaonah-Ratsimisetra Valisoa Kayla

    Impulse's voice is so chill

  • Lajos Dijkstra
    Lajos Dijkstra

    I just see your video(jup need to catch up). And i made exact the same storage system with this gold farm😂

  • Spencer Wilson
    Spencer Wilson

    Bdubs' "what are you DOING" tho 😂

  • Ethan Hall
    Ethan Hall

    Mo Wings Club

  • Lynn Rotering
    Lynn Rotering

    History of wars: S6 - civil war S7 - turf war S8 - wing war

  • William Guerin
    William Guerin

    I was watching this while afk at my pals xp farm so I have memorized every noise.

  • Bradyn Plays
    Bradyn Plays

    I mean... we can just drop him of a cliff 😆

  • Anneklaar Decrock
    Anneklaar Decrock

    you should also put the pigmen their heads in the sorting system

  • Nam Vu
    Nam Vu

    Can someone help me? I build the same gold farm on 1.16.5 and my farm doesnt give xp. Does someone know why?

  • ׄ

    Club should’ve been called winging it

  • Sam0fc

    The "Pro-Wings Club"

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    the winner, and 1 diamond goes to the venue!

  • Kids Cole
    Kids Cole

    my fav animal is horses

  • YaeronaelE5

    Grian : what on earth? Me : Don't you mean, What on sky?

  • ffion ffoulkes
    ffion ffoulkes

    i believe that golems actually don't attack creepers specifically because that could cause destruction without the player present, which is something mojang are careful to avoid :)

  • MarkFor Milk
    MarkFor Milk

    i just started to watch all you guys after grian made the tegg wars and damn hermitcraft is the best smp right now, this is wayyy better than those smp's that you see often

  • Spud

    this is the same timelapse music as pearl i think :D I love it

  • Daquarius Cuthrell
    Daquarius Cuthrell

    Wish we could do this in bedrock

  • NightKat13

    Instead of horses, use pigs.... --> "When pigs fly!"

  • Matrota

    I may be late to recommend this but have you considered naming the club the Mile-Fly Club

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    the winner, and 1 diamond goes to the venue!

  • Trevor powers
    Trevor powers

    Come on:The Fly Guys

  • spectra2000

    I thought they changed the XP mechanics so pigmen don't drop it unless they're killed directly by the player in 1.16, didn' they?

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      the winner, and 1 diamond goes to the venue!

  • S. Jacob Katz
    S. Jacob Katz

    Impulse: im out of ____ Impulse: let me use everytying else i have to make a farm for ____ Impulse: now im out of everything, looks like i gotta make more farms

  • Inverse

    18:27 where’s did his 400+ levels go?

    • Inverse

      @Aidan Moore I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years and I still got confused 😅

    • Aidan Moore
      Aidan Moore

      your xp bar is replaced with the jump meter while on a horse

  • ·ᴗ· !!
    ·ᴗ· !!


  • Ray Zero
    Ray Zero

    I just finished my very first Minecraft tournament and won! Thanks to content creators like you

  • nathaniel nalley
    nathaniel nalley

    Can someone comment a link to the web/dispenser clock that was right under the minecraft entities?

  • nathaniel nalley
    nathaniel nalley

    Can someone comment a link to the web/dispenser clock that was right under the minecraft entities?

  • man from
    man from

    you need to put the splash potion on the horse so it doesnt die, but its not needed on the person flying

  • Willow Chartreuse
    Willow Chartreuse

    "Down to the ceiling" is not something you hear often, lol


    9:55 his shovel has mending Love you videos

  • Wylan Vallotton
    Wylan Vallotton

    The Winx Club 🤣

  • Eng Choon Ooi
    Eng Choon Ooi

    Tango : this better be the intro to his video Me : well it is xD

  • Keen

    you can give a horse slow falling directly guys XD

  • Bartol Budisa
    Bartol Budisa

    when your farm is so good your storage system doesnt work

  • Dream_Junior

    watch out I am going to beat you up -tecnhoblade

  • iAMnotAwaffle waffle
    iAMnotAwaffle waffle


  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    the winner, and 1 diamond goes to the venue!

  • Jbear

    You are getting close to 1 million subs!

  • twocheeky

    honestly having a filter for the swords running into a blast furnace super smelter with kelp as fuel would be good

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      This was so funny

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