Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 087: THE HCBBS PINBALL MACHINE!
In this episode, I finish my portion of the track for the HCBBS (Hermitcraft Big Barge Sweep) which includes bouncing the players all around and shooting them up into the sky as part of the ride. Then we install the cart launcher and make a propper entrance to the Ice Fortress basement.

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Intro Music:
Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: rsloft.info/loft/video/q7ymvGm9lXeVqpg
Download: 99l.tv/stellarYU

Gaming, Minecraft

  • Jordan McBride
    Jordan McBride

    Dude, he asked you to make a 30 sec leg and you managed to make EXACTLY 30!! Lol

  • Quibie

    That floor is beautiful!! So are the walls of the ice fortress. Just such a pretty build! Nice job!

  • kitty Haley
    kitty Haley

    What's he gonna do with all that ice? Isn't it OBVIOUS? He's gonna go full Elsa and make an ice castle...DUH lol

  • Brad Woodfield
    Brad Woodfield

    Hey Impluse. For the colour on the base, you should add some redstone and have it cycle through colours.

  • Josh Knab
    Josh Knab

    Keep the pink but add some green as an accent color. Make the becons green as well.

  • Luke Elavan
    Luke Elavan

    Leave it pink! Please!!!

  • Fran theman
    Fran theman

    Just make it blue

  • TheDwarf

    Give each kwadrant a different color giving you choice to suit your mood -:)

  • JTtheboss12

    2:20 “but because they are only half-slabs...” Wait I didn’t know Minecraft added half-slabs.

    • Timothy Allred
      Timothy Allred

      It's actually a relatively common phrasing for slabs in this game. Theyre a half-block, and a full-block could still be called a slab (e.g. concrete/cement based construction). So, either one works imo.

  • shego1142

    I love the pink base! Definitely like that with the water and the white concrete it looks like the trans pride flag too which is awesome ^-^

  • chris Hayes
    chris Hayes

    Black or red for the base / make a pole

  • Its_moory

    You should do lime for the new colour

  • Babbyycoorn

    Keep the pink!!!

  • Kea Moore
    Kea Moore

    I think the pink works, but I'd love it if you'd swap out the green glass floor for pink glass! It would be more coherent!

  • Vex

    he is obviously going to build something with ice

  • Ashley Martin
    Ashley Martin

    You should make the base purple next :)

  • Jonaphan Mareno
    Jonaphan Mareno


  • Ezioedward 56
    Ezioedward 56



    you should invite a guy by the name cxlvxn to join hermit craft season 8

  • Edita Zilinskyte
    Edita Zilinskyte

    Definetly KEEP THE PINK. I know its not your brand. But you tried alot of other colours and none of them looked good. Pink looks good no point changing it

  • Kodi Yak
    Kodi Yak

    One side a dif color pink, blue, yellow, green

    • Kodi Yak
      Kodi Yak

      The base

  • Siral Starborn
    Siral Starborn

    1. Ice guess: Elsa's Frozen Castle! That would be cool! 2. PLEASE: Turn your base back to normal blue with green lawn. That was the most beautiful state, I think. 3. You're amazing, Impulse! Love U and all your videos! Hope your back is ok by now! Stay healthy and thanks for all the smiles you create with your work.

  • Jera

    yes leave the pink

  • Moises Bicas-Dolgen
    Moises Bicas-Dolgen

    You shall become the ice queen

  • Angel P
    Angel P

    4 sides, Pink and yellow! Pink Lemonade

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread


  • Couldn’t think of a channel name
    Couldn’t think of a channel name

    I say you should keep the pink,i know it’s not exactly “your brand” but it could be fun to try something different

  • Thatoneguy

    Impulse needs the ice for a lemonade shop, gota stay cool in the Summer after all

  • Owen Lim
    Owen Lim

    Make it B R O W N

  • Bob Bill
    Bob Bill

    You should replace the pink with ice.

  • Sebastian Cristea
    Sebastian Cristea

    Yellow might look good

  • HeyItsTibo

    my guess is that you're going to make mario kart (named block kart?) and use the ice with black or gray carpets on top for roads and boats for different "carts"

  • Lucy Harris
    Lucy Harris

    I think you should do yellow for the base ngl

  • Shay Ayer
    Shay Ayer

    I would go back to blue

  • Mr_Benjo

    who else is excited for the world download so that we can play it?

  • Kiat

    Leave it pink as a momento to this season! xD

  • CrazedJoker

    Impulse, pretty sure those shulkers can be put on Barge Co expenses.

  • Isaac Revans
    Isaac Revans

    Go for yellow on your base????

  • Nicholas Sylvestre
    Nicholas Sylvestre

    I say change it and to yellow or orange

  • Pedro G Cominal
    Pedro G Cominal

    @impulseSV when texturing, try to make clusters instead of one block variants at random a little patch works way better

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    Are you using the ice to build a giant temple to Vanilla Ice?

  • gaia aoi
    gaia aoi

    Pink stays!!!!! Btw, love your area on the barge!

  • wattersm

    Impulse is building a giant margarita, that's what the ice is for.

  • M. Cloud
    M. Cloud

    You should keep your base as is! It says trans rights 🏳️‍⚧️

  • BrownR87

    Ugh how am I 5 days behind on all my Hermitcraft and Imp&Skizz watching... The first shulker on the track could be facing away from the user so it doesn't go up or down or towards the user.

  • gaspoweredpick

    Use the ice to build a community ice boat road in the Nether

  • Dylan Taulbee
    Dylan Taulbee

    Make yellow base

  • Felix Villefrance
    Felix Villefrance

    Colour suggestion. the entire rainbow :D

  • mentaljedi

    i like the pink

  • Kai_The_Watcher

    Make the base rainbow and set up a color changing thingey with glass and pistons for the beacons

  • scruff

    purple and pink

  • King0fDragons

    make the base purple

  • Larry Goodsell
    Larry Goodsell

    keep it pink

  • Freddie Quin
    Freddie Quin

    base should stay pink i love it

  • Drunken Sailor
    Drunken Sailor

    Go blue

  • TriXolon

    I think you should swap the concrete for something like blue glass. It could add more of a water vibe :) OR MAYBE EVEN ICE FROM UR FARM!! it would be perfect

  • bechne

    Ocean base becomes ice fortress glacier base

  • Santiago Bima
    Santiago Bima

    windows key + . to put emojis in sign

  • Santiago Bima
    Santiago Bima

    keep the pink!

  • Bryce Dunsworth
    Bryce Dunsworth

    16:55 The water source block on top of the outer ring towers looks like the water bucket item

  • ex nihilo
    ex nihilo

    lol impulse, you obviously don't want it pink. change it or dont and lets move on haha.

  • mondasin

    Pink still looks nice, but You could always have each face of the base be a different color.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    The four Horsemen of controversial 1. Gun Control 2. Immigration 3. What color should Impulses base be 4. Climate Change (Edit: spelling)


    Make it yellow!!!!

  • rosa nextdoor
    rosa nextdoor

    but ya could do yellow

  • rosa nextdoor
    rosa nextdoor

    i love the pink

  • FireBird

    I like the pink of the base 🙃

  • Oobaton ooba
    Oobaton ooba

    Just an idea for the base, do one side on the original blue, one in the pink, one in yellow and one side another colour

  • Maciek Boron
    Maciek Boron

    GO BACK TO BLUE!!!!!!!

  • Philippe Chaps
    Philippe Chaps

    black concrete and yellow wool?

  • S.J Carter
    S.J Carter

    Yellow question mark.

  • Humbug Cat
    Humbug Cat

    You could replace the concrete with blue ice in your base given the amount that you now have - reminiscent of the blue concrete but maybe a bit more subtle?? May be a bit too pale though. Lime concrete could look cool too...

  • Cairo Raiser
    Cairo Raiser

    Reasons to use Pink: - Happy Stress - It’s a good colour - It looks nice - It’s Niki Nihachu’s favourite colour and she’s lovely who are you to deny what a lovely colour it is - It’s Stress’ favourite colour I believe and she’s a wonderful woman why would you do her hard work like that 👀 - It’s the colour of my deodrant can and that stuff smells GOOD - Pinkpulse might be one of the _best_ ever things. - It matches the enchantment thing that makes things pinky/purple - Pink is an underrated colour on this server. Stress is like the only one who uses pink consistently c’mon join the club - A fan discord I’m on ADORES Pinkpulse last time I checked. - Honestly it would make you even more of an icon than you already are. You’re already an icon, but the pink makes it even cooler. - You can have little planters with alliums and pansies and lilacs and pink tulips and stuff!!!

  • Cairo Raiser
    Cairo Raiser

    Please I beg leave it pink

  • LeannaRuth Jensen
    LeannaRuth Jensen

    I hope you are going to make an ice speedway. That was so much fun last season and I'm sure you could add some new "wrinkles".

  • Nour Karim EMAM
    Nour Karim EMAM

    You should add some bright colored spots so their eyes get distracted

  • pinkytheyoshi


  • Monke Banana
    Monke Banana

    I would suggest yellow for your base, because it matches with your skin (:

    • aj the idiot the idiot the idiot the idiot
      aj the idiot the idiot the idiot the idiot


  • Wolfclaw

    I think impulse will use our idears but if not, he will freeze the bases of his "enemys" in giant ice cubes or he's going to sell it

  • •Kaylee•

    you should change the pink to yellow to match your shirt :D

  • Kat, herself
    Kat, herself

    Purple. Has to be purple! Part way between blue and pink. I think it would look amazing! I have a purple beacon in my village and it's just perfect.

  • jbj jedimaster
    jbj jedimaster

    I think u should try the base as yellow.

  • S117 Oracle
    S117 Oracle

    I bet the base will look good with blue terracotta!

  • Raven Paine
    Raven Paine

    I'm not going to be upset if the base stays Trans Pride colors

  • Matt Small
    Matt Small

    You could keep it pink and do a cancer awareness stream?

  • Ethan Hofmeister
    Ethan Hofmeister

    do orange

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown

    I wanna say switch the color to lime to match the underground part, but idk if that would look good, maybe try it with one side and see?

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis

    Pink > YELLOW!! 💛

  • Minecraft  Noob
    Minecraft Noob

    hes gonna make a giant ice boat rink

  • Sean Omight
    Sean Omight

    I'm sure you're expecting this comment by saying it's not really your brand. But yellow is your brand. Go with yellow.

  • halfcelestialelf

    Leave the base Pink :D

  • Pengin Lord
    Pengin Lord

    Keep the base pink

  • J Blondo
    J Blondo

    How about changing it to a different “warm” color?

  • Ashley M
    Ashley M

    Change it to green or yellow

  • chabs

    make the base accent colour purple, it’ll look so good!!!

  • Ilma Mimi
    Ilma Mimi

    green base

  • ZappDragon gaming
    ZappDragon gaming

    you should do orange or yellow

  • S_H :-P
    S_H :-P

    I'm probably too late, but I think that yellow could make a great accent to the blue and white on the base, brings some more color into the mix, compared to the original blue tones

  • Sir. Shawn
    Sir. Shawn

    Change it back

  • Draco Van Reign
    Draco Van Reign

    I've been thinking that you could try Cyan