Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 089: HCBBS, Impulse Buys & Among Us in Minecraft!
In this episode, the HCBBS is open for business so we add some new goods to purchase at Impulse Buys at the end of the ride. Then we meet up with Tango and 6 other Hermits to play his amazing Among Us game!

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Intro Music:
Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: rsloft.info/loft/video/q7ymvGm9lXeVqpg
Download: 99l.tv/stellarYU

Gaming, Minecraft

  • Valentine the Sheep
    Valentine the Sheep

    13:03 :)

  • Spaced Out Gaming
    Spaced Out Gaming

    Impulses good deed was doing two extra tasks for people who got confused, what a guy.

  • WaterlemonTheArtist

    Something I noticed is that the imposters usually made an effort to keep their fake tasks in hand to show their innocence, whereas the actual crewmates usually had food or empty hands because they could safely scroll through their inventory without fear of revealing a crossbow.

  • Redneck Sniper
    Redneck Sniper

    He needs to release among us as a separate download for Minecraft something like sky locks mini games

  • sourpatchkidz in da house
    sourpatchkidz in da house

    23:25 you can see Tangos feet lol

  • Archer Slades
    Archer Slades

    start making more farms often and I'll subscribe... love your vids though!

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo

    Even with the technical difficulties Tango's Among Us looked 210% better an funner than the real Among Us.

  • aleksa star
    aleksa star

    Better than a real Among Us

  • Lorelai Allison
    Lorelai Allison

    *nobody* *absolutely nobody* Grian and Impulse: bUm bAdUM bUM

  • Alan Beardsley
    Alan Beardsley

    16:12 Flashing a crossbow in your hot bar is like venting in someone's view. Busted.

  • jewkeseytv

    Among us is 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • big bruh
    big bruh


  • Karolina M
    Karolina M

    You could say impulse is not going to barge in with selling what grian sells

  • PhoenixSparkes Plays
    PhoenixSparkes Plays

    So awesome!!


    No more dislikes. It is at 69

  • Gaming with sluginator1313
    Gaming with sluginator1313

    ImpulseSV, during an Among Us Meeting, you selected your crossbow for a split second and it was so scary! Luckily they didn’t notice but that was one of the highlights of the video for sure. Keep up the awesome videos, dude =)

  • ben kelley
    ben kelley

    Do totems

  • ikaiko

    how long ago was Decked Out?

  • divinity


  • samonthecreek

    Zedaph, emergency button! Zedaph! Ze--oh.... oh no.... LMAO

  • Axel Scott
    Axel Scott

    ok so no one saw impulse's crossbows when he was scrolling through his inventory

  • Kittyhawk

    Slabs and stairs maybe, even if they aren't big sellers.

  • InkFuse

    G and Impulse's Indiana Jones duet made me irrationally happy

  • Manuel Marrero
    Manuel Marrero

    Etho will no longer be the Ice Queen!

  • Brian Quintero
    Brian Quintero

    put 41 item filters in each of the hopper spaces so you have more space for the item you want

  • crivsmum

    Among Us was so much fun, thank you for showing it ; )

  • Ben Kafka
    Ben Kafka

    A M O G U S

  • EllaBrella

    the whole among us game is so well made, but in particular, giving dead players those splash potions was a stroke of genius

  • EllaBrella

    LOL the very first thing you say in among us is "bye bye i got tasks", the impostor stress is real

  • HideZ


  • Venkataraman Parameswaran
    Venkataraman Parameswaran

    In your I trade logo last season the ar looked like a p1c3 ⛏️

  • Fiona M
    Fiona M


  • A duck with a YouTube channel
    A duck with a YouTube channel

    Forget mini games. Tangos been pumping out MEGA GAMES this season.

  • A duck with a YouTube channel
    A duck with a YouTube channel

    Grian and Impulse singing together through the walls was both hilarious and heartwarming.

  • Echo

    When the hermits are sus

  • Prim

    Ahhh I see Ghast tears are not being farmed.... I love building ghast farms.

  • joshua wilburt
    joshua wilburt

    no, it's the haech c b b s!

  • Love Jonasson
    Love Jonasson

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air is my favourite tv series

  • Crasher 47
    Crasher 47

    *Grian and Impulse singing the Indiana Jones Theme* Keralis: *Who has summoned the ancient one*

  • Stuw2k

    Can we talk about the other murder in this clip please. Grain butchering the Fresh Prince of Bel Air tune

  • Max Saysoff
    Max Saysoff


  • TyceCraft69

    Impulse missed a perfect joke "I dont want to stomp on his business" He should've said "I dont want to barge in on his business"

  • hayden milam
    hayden milam

    Im not a fan of among us but minecraft version looks awesome

  • j2k

    What a great episode! I'm so happy to see you continuing S7 🎉 Keep on rockin, Impulse 😎 GG

  • EpiX _
    EpiX _

    A M O G U S

  • SAM1j Studios
    SAM1j Studios

    When Grian and Impulse hummed the Indiana Jones theme 👌🏼

  • Marvin Kuhn
    Marvin Kuhn

    will there be a season 8

  • Lucas Ayala
    Lucas Ayala

    impulse trying to sell stuff while the season is basically over

  • sofiaa isa
    sofiaa isa

    20:13 grian's yknow? and impulses' No??!

  • Kiwimarauder

    Among us

  • Knud Rasmussen
    Knud Rasmussen


  • Josh Guo
    Josh Guo

    The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of God’s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that way is through Jesus. Because he loved the world, he came, lived a sinless life then died on the cross for our sins, paying the price which is death. He was buried and rose again on the third day. Through Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins. If we put our faith in him we will be saved. ✝️


    I love how u can see Tangos feet hanging out of the trapdoor in 23:26


    you should put yellow concrete in the "i" on top of scars new government building, there is a space on top that looks like ur logo (B

  • Hayden Pieterse
    Hayden Pieterse

    Day 1 of telling Impulse to change his base back to yellow

  • The Dark Wun
    The Dark Wun

    Impulse plz change the price of the slime blocks to at least 6, you do realize you are taking 8 diamonds off the price of something worth 9 diamonds in ethos shop.

  • Ian Hoppe
    Ian Hoppe

    Me realizing that the season is ending before Pacific goes into business. :(

  • Robin S.
    Robin S.

    (9:30)Maybe you can name the ice-chest: 1D. 2St. | 1D. 2St. | 2D. 1St. so you have the prize above the items

  • Rhoel Saracho
    Rhoel Saracho

    grian can help you whith slime becuse he has a slime farm

  • Janet Chen
    Janet Chen

    HCBBS is like a ride on Disneyland and Impulse Buys is the merch store right after the ride. ❤️

  • HebaruSan

    I feel like Tango could have saved on building the post-death area and just had tolks switch to their camera accounts to watch the rest of the game, since they're all recording to make episodes anyway

  • Ashley

    i find it funny that joe knew where impulse's farm was to make the map but impulse didn't himself lol

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Tango is a genius


    Impulse: “I’m standing on my iron pressure plate!” Me: am I losing my mind?!?!

  • Kaii Ross Baird
    Kaii Ross Baird

    Impulse is pure.

  • TheAtomicT


  • Dr. Doggo
    Dr. Doggo

    :o you could sell Gaurdian heads!

  • Klyde VillaLord
    Klyde VillaLord

    You can maybe do something like "1per2, 1per1, and 2per1 Stack/s"

  • Jeff Prentice
    Jeff Prentice

    Impulse, you and tango should really invite keralis to stabbity stab stab sometimes for lie night. Think he'd be an amazing addition with Etho included

  • Jonas Duda
    Jonas Duda


  • Jamie L
    Jamie L

    Hey impulse, whats the best way to get fanart to you? :0

    • Jamie L
      Jamie L

      @impulseSV okay thank you! I figured but i wasnt sure

    • impulseSV

      Either Twitter or the Hermitcraft Reddit

  • Jamie L
    Jamie L

    I wish I could see all the sessions uncut 😩 Im addicted to Minecraft AND Among Us, so its do beautiful

  • CharlesDavid C. Syjueco
    CharlesDavid C. Syjueco

    Impulse has a lot of partnerships...

  • captcookstar

    when did he make his snowball farm

  • Chris aka Cryptostream300
    Chris aka Cryptostream300

    Did your guys first Fletcher die or did Skizz not know that Impulse hid him behind the 2 cobble above that one other table?

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    With the season ending, I wonder if you'll actually sell anything

  • YoBroSpadey

    He’s playing a game that involves death with 57 levels :(

  • Evan Chen
    Evan Chen

    he just sell about everything even etho's free glass

  • RK


  • Richard Talbot
    Richard Talbot

    They need to do a live stream playing this

  • Ho Hi
    Ho Hi

    hermitcraft season 8 is ending signs:grain and x is taking break other hermits are almost done grian and impulse made a ride there are now maps and ways to navigate the hermitcraft world that is for us so it is easy for us to travel in the world download

  • Phantom109

    Ah yes Tango music on an Impulse video. That didn't mess me up for a sec

  • noam spector
    noam spector


  • playlister

    18:52 did anyone else hear the siren?

  • Dragon!

    I was camping so I missed this 😥

  • Video Game Freakster
    Video Game Freakster

    16:12 he held the crossbow lol

  • hi .-.
    hi .-.

    13:27 Grian:boy oh boy if i get red does that mean im the imposter Impulse says quietly:oh yes 13:30 *IMPULSE GETS A RED SHULKER BOX*

  • Donald Bagwell
    Donald Bagwell

    Imposter grian is impossible to fight

  • Hello Summer
    Hello Summer

    This is soo much more personal when you see people running after you with crossbows in 1st person.

  • k98killer

    I guess this means that Impulse is not done with this season yet.

  • Nick H. is AllDamgeNoCntrol
    Nick H. is AllDamgeNoCntrol

    Looks like so much fun

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith

    16:12 *scrolls through crossbow*

  • Luna The Spirit Wolf
    Luna The Spirit Wolf

    How do we download the map of Hermitcraft S7 ??!

  • tobiasthepious

    Great minigame!

  • a dean
    a dean

    3:05 it's beautiful, I've stared at it for 5min now

  • DreTzy Gaming
    DreTzy Gaming

    Im sad season 7 Going to end bye bye season 7

  • ♪Vamp•Gєŋσx⁶⁶⁶•FF♪

    Dude are u bord of homemade craft :( if u are can u tell them to put a Pokemon mod in game or make a new Pokemon mod seson and u will get more fun and subs but I care about your fun I see your are a little bord so I hop ubliked my idea :D

  • cascade.

    impulse put ur face on mt scar!!

  • mikeus69

    Was anyone else worried the whole episode that it would be Impulse’s last?

  • DANGERED Species
    DANGERED Species


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