Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 082: I GOT MY BASE BACK!!!
In this episode, I show Stress my rockstar base and we decide it might be best to swap back. Once I'm back in my old base, I realize we have a lot of work to do so we get after it!

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Gaming, Minecraft

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    watching the water clock from that creeper farm is making my frames drop on my own world....

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    Honestly that whole base swap thing made me disinterested in HermitCraft as a whole. Glad it appears to be over

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    Should replace the pink with green

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  • Michael McArthur
    Michael McArthur

    Impulse, change each wing of your base to a different color and leave one wing pink as a nod to stressmonster.

  • Yash Paliwal
    Yash Paliwal

    The fact that it reads out 'nothing odd going on here' whenever he pulls out his sword is absolutely hilarious

  • Anish Sarang
    Anish Sarang

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    mr cool down

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  • x2v5_212

    Impulse why isn't the witch farm included in Ur to do list?

  • Snootchie

    Remove the buckets from every 2nd floor and place them back in when the other floors flush (opposite timing). That way while one set of floors is flushing, the others are spawning. It will help your rates a bit at least.

  • Vander

    Congratulations, will myself turn 28 again for the first time in 10 days

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    Keep the pink it makes the base more better and im a boy so its not a gurl opinion

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    Guinevere Visser

    if Impulse is dying his hair again he should do it pink, because it will match his base. :)

  • Thomas Chapin
    Thomas Chapin

    About how many hours go into an average video of yours?

  • Deborah Lane
    Deborah Lane

    The string is good for an overlooked feature: 4 square to make large quantities of white wool on a pinch

  • Zac Wicht
    Zac Wicht

    sell the string or combine it into wool when 1.17 comes and when you go to sound proofing your base that wool will skyrocket in value

  • Manish Pl RastaFari
    Manish Pl RastaFari


  • Jbear

    I just made a creeper farm and I had the same problem with spiders spawning. I used full blocks and I still get them. For me they are spawning on the edges. It looks like you used glass on the edges so I'm going to try that on mine.

  • Bernardo Espíndola
    Bernardo Espíndola

    Poor Impulse

  • Emerald Emperor
    Emerald Emperor

    carpet blocks spider spawns, just use carpet (make some wool from all that string :P

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  • Lauren

    I’m so happy that you got your base back! It’s obvious you weren’t inspired by the swap, and that’s okay! Glad you’re back home and have plenty of awesome projects to work on!

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    Well happy birthday impulse! I also turned 21 on the 13th of march

  • MoonFire

    The relationships that have been formed between the hermits through this swap has been pure gold to watch. Grian making Zed homeless for 10 seconds, the drums and the pink between Stress and Impulse, Cleo and Keralis sharing their bases. Good job Mumbo.

  • real gaming vibes
    real gaming vibes

    Happy belated birthday!

  • Aadi Ketkar
    Aadi Ketkar

    Why is there a 'not plugged in ' symbol next to stress's name ?

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    "I caught a glimpse of it from the shopping district" Says Impulse who bought a building in Aqueue town just to spy on his old base

  • Jacob woodcock
    Jacob woodcock

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    I just realized you dont have a phantom farm on your board

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    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! I love your video impulse, keep up the good work and I hope you have a great year

  • Cheypie8

    I think you should keep some pink on your base, but change most of it back to blue. Then years down the road when you look back you'll remember you swapped bases with Stress during the HCBBS!

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  • S117 Oracle
    S117 Oracle

    Considering Cub, Zedaph and Mumbo all got bases with chest monsters to sort out, I think Stress got a good deal with simply having a lot of unfinished projects to deal with x'D

  • caitybugg247

    I actually really prefer the pink!! It looks SO GOOD!

  • kelly moon
    kelly moon

    Curious what it would look like if instead of going back to blue. He tried yellow instead. A yellow, white and blue base could be nice.

  • avril eibeck
    avril eibeck

    remember,, ya need a lot of bone meal for a tree farm (and flowers)!

  • Evangeline Egal
    Evangeline Egal

    happy belated birthday 🥳 impulse!!

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    Keep some pink but add more blue back

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