Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 088: TWO NEW ICE FORTRESS FARMS!
In this episode, we finish up the HCBBS track and then do so work on the Ice Fortress including installing two new farms!

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Intro Music:
Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: rsloft.info/loft/video/q7ymvGm9lXeVqpg
Download: 99l.tv/stellarYU

Gaming, Minecraft

  • The_Daft_Monkey

    It’s hard hearing the title screen to naked and scared and not hearing “yoooooo Skizz”

  • Killing Survival
    Killing Survival

    the birch is an eye sore for sure BUT having said that you're doing a great job at transforming the area I actually think it's starting to grow on me... NOT WORTH the hard work to replace it


    He could have made a livestream out of just placing water and creating concrete.

  • Jamie katie Alexander
    Jamie katie Alexander

    cover da birch!

  • Naira M.B.
    Naira M.B.

    But, Impulse, don't you have water running above the mosaic? You could maybe had let it flow downwards instead of using all the water buckets!

  • NAVE

    Bro built a whole base in a few episodes 💀

  • Elissa Carroll
    Elissa Carroll

    That floor is AMAZING! The pattern changes from each angle. So neat

  • Dennis Olsson
    Dennis Olsson

    Can you harvest snow using water on Java? As a slower, but passive, alternative. Works on bedrock.

  • Authrillustrate

    Add to the finally list at Scar's request: Add your head to mount hermit (the cliff that HEIP is sitting on).

  • WG

    Remove all berch zeept for an x and+ like a star or like THE red lines of this flag 🇬🇧

  • S117 Oracle
    S117 Oracle

    tbh, I actually liked the texture of the concrete powder floor. lol

  • Multi - Dimensional Gaming
    Multi - Dimensional Gaming

    I just got an idea. Ever thought about inviting a speedrunner type youtuber in the hermitcraft server? Maybe SB737?

  • nicholas runstedler
    nicholas runstedler

    does he want a nice collectoin system for the snow, or a n-Ice collection system for the snow

  • Seea Starfalling
    Seea Starfalling

    If you need to you could swap the birch stairs holding the water blocks to blackstone stairs. Might take a while but it would make the lines consistent

  • Swifty

    Instead of using the stairs at the storage you should use too snow to fit the farm :)

  • Rasmus Flensted
    Rasmus Flensted

    Leave it

  • Quin Hansen
    Quin Hansen

    I love Naked and Scared and that new intro is amazing!!!! I left on Season 3 or 4 I think got a lot of catching up to do

  • Nicholas Olsen
    Nicholas Olsen

    I say take the birch out...

  • IfYouBuildIt

    the lower steps next to the chest is a great trick, thanks

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily

    Change the birch to quart stairs! I think it will add a good effect and tie things together a lot better.

  • kr46428

    My hot take: The birch is actually totally fine. Besides, isn't birch a particularly waterproof type of wood?

  • hackcraft_

    use gnombon's piglin trader its F.A.S.T.

  • antti200

    leave the birch

  • ForeignSparks

    that floor was way too trippy i almost passed out during the montage...

  • Andy Andino
    Andy Andino

    I like the little bit of birch poking through like that as it is right now because it's subtle.

  • Luna The Spirit Wolf
    Luna The Spirit Wolf

    I think instead of birch in the ice fortress make them dark oak!


    ᗯՏᑭ TᗯO

  • PinKitty

    I like the Oreo look for the ice fortress

  • laartje24

    I personally don't like the look of the birch stairs. But I also don't like putting you through a lot of work so here we are I guess.

  • laartje24

    Having 4 different series going next to a day job and a family. "Impulse is never lazy" indeed. Have been loving all the series though.

  • Master Miners
    Master Miners

    I would love to see Skizzleman in hermit craft!

  • Jon M
    Jon M

    leave the birch there it looks great

  • Keenan Casey
    Keenan Casey

    The birch looks good as a contrast and it provides a nice visual depth with the blackstone when looking at the pattern below the ice.

  • d4r7h3b3r

    I think, your favorite, quartz would be a good replacement for the remaining birch.

  • Ender Kakker
    Ender Kakker

    Actually I like a little birch color coming through at the Fortress ... leave it! Great video 😃

  • JaronTzy.official

    All i can say is " Hermitcraft Is the Best Server of all time " Just think about how they love to play this game and how they keep on entertaining us . Never gonna regret watching each episodes of Hermits ❤️

  • ezra bamberger
    ezra bamberger

    The basalt farm can be twice as fast if you have two basalt generators and move from one to the other

  • The Blakemeister
    The Blakemeister

    Lava flows faster in the nether. You may want to keep it in your fortress just for the sake of having it all in the same place, but if you put it in the nether, it should be more efficient.

  • Adam Ball - epic9863
    Adam Ball - epic9863

    I feel like you could easily make a cobble farm in the Ice area as it is very similar in terms of generation to the Basalt.

  • Steve Zheng
    Steve Zheng


  • Mitch

    The birch looks nice the way it is, that's my vote. Awesome build, that floor is amazing, as well as the whole fortress.

  • falcons music
    falcons music

    Yo @impulsesv the birtch lines help in a way fly over fortress and look how holds in ice its optical illusion from floor under if any thing keep

  • 4sent4

    Cover all the birch

  • Nether Cloud
    Nether Cloud

    Loving the ice fortress!

  • Giovanna Fransesca
    Giovanna Fransesca

    I feel like it’s not an actual Impulse build unless he change a major thing on his mega structure 😂

  • Wurm Schn
    Wurm Schn

    Keep wood

  • Marcus Ahlepil
    Marcus Ahlepil

    Leave the birtch

  • Nyxira

    Heck yeah, the animated intro looks great!


    Impulse put end rods under the ice farm to light up the floor

  • Daniel Chow
    Daniel Chow

    For the snow farm, you could rig some water to flush over the snow on a clock and make it full auto.

  • Artifex_Amanda Lastname
    Artifex_Amanda Lastname

    Birch is fine

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name

    The whole time I was thinking "Impulse sHUSH GO GET THE CART!" and then he said "I'm gonna go get that cart-" LOL phew~

  • Hazel Cappuccino
    Hazel Cappuccino

    Impulse's voice is so calm and soothing, can listen to it forever..

  • Ryan Nelson
    Ryan Nelson

    Does your ice farm still work like that? I figured you'd need something underneath the ice.

  • Jacob Hartman
    Jacob Hartman

    I think the birch looks fine as it is actually! I agree that by itself it wouldn’t look as good with the new fortress built around it, but as an accent like it is now I think it looks good personally! All black stone wouldn’t look bad either though, but I’d probably leave it as it is

  • tincankemek

    that intro like the 90's tv show intro

  • Bean Boi
    Bean Boi

    maybe replacing the rest of the birch wood with quartz would look good, love the farm so far impulse!

  • Ets Mine
    Ets Mine

    You could have combined the basalt and cobblestone generator in the same machine.

  • Nicco

    I like the birch cross beams

  • captainferrite

    Basalt farms work waaay faster in the Nether tho, because lava flows faster

  • madmonk 31
    madmonk 31

    At the end of the track you should put a sign saying "welcome to impulse buys".

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell

    The new N&S intro looks great!

  • Morestupid26

    Going through the slabs makes me laugh

  • NIM 1459
    NIM 1459

    I like the birch underneath, because then its a little less bland because of the accent color

  • Jack Bridgen
    Jack Bridgen

    Why didn't you have the water elovators glass then you can see all the items spitting out and it would look cool!

  • Joshua Bonds
    Joshua Bonds

    maybe I am being stupid here... but shouldn't you put some glass or something under the ice? to catch the water and allow the ice to reform?

  • Lukas_is_pogging

    The basalt farm would be more efficient when put in the nether, lava flows quicker there!!

  • Simon Skold
    Simon Skold

    In the mini Baruch you would fill some shulkerboxes with sand and gravel since it was like that it started

  • DemiUnicorn

    I like the birch in the ice farm. It looks nice and adds a bit of contrast without being too much

  • Ethan Humphrey
    Ethan Humphrey

    Take it out

  • kidonthescreen

    Honestly I think the birch lines in the middle look kinda good

  • Beckett Smutz-Ulmer
    Beckett Smutz-Ulmer

    leave the birch

  • Le Hamp
    Le Hamp

    The wall can’t be that hard

  • lordelliott42

    The birch reminds me of ice cream cones.

  • zdchaia Dervich
    zdchaia Dervich

    Like for no birch resistance

  • Rosalia Moon
    Rosalia Moon

    I was curious, if you want the song to end when the hermit gets to the barge at the end of the hcbbs, what will happen if they switch the track? Do you guy have another disk that will play to make up for the extra time? If the hermit manages to find and go thru all the alternate tracks, they will be finishing the ride long after the disk finishes.

  • ForrestSprite

    I love the ice fortress! I was really happy to see you go back to the phineas board.

  • Charlie Lamoureux
    Charlie Lamoureux

    I love the birch!

  • YouJustGotTitaned

    I think everyone takes this mega builds for granted. Each time lapse is like 1-40 hours

  • Orrin W
    Orrin W

    Awesome. Very cute bro!

  • Teddy Krieger
    Teddy Krieger

    Please leave the birch because it adds a little bit of color and texture

  • Mike Baker
    Mike Baker

    How does the disc get back in the frame?

  • Tim Sargent
    Tim Sargent

    I think the birch limes are good, a bit o contrast

  • lordelliott42

    I thought you were going to change the floor to another wood, then change your mind and try yet another, like with the main base. :P

  • Malena Vermut-Young
    Malena Vermut-Young

    Hey impulse! if you waterlog a chest at the bottom of the drop down at your ice fortress it negates fall damage and you don’t have to jump out because the hit box of a chest is so close to a full block :)

  • Testy Branco
    Testy Branco

    Make it all Blackstone!!! It looks so much better

  • Evan McGrew
    Evan McGrew

    The birch really does not look that bad. I think for all the time it would take to get rid of the birch I would just keep it. Also thanks for the video!

  • ex nihilo
    ex nihilo

    berry farm! get er done! all the farms!

  • BiGG X
    BiGG X

    Maybe I missed why you didnt build the BASALT GENERATOR in the Nether, but since LAVA moves like water in the Nether, your generator would be much faster.

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    Get rid of the birch make it all blackstone

  • Abby Kate
    Abby Kate

    I like the birch

  • Emma Martiny
    Emma Martiny

    13:07 why not have a hopper somewhere under you. So u can have water push u into the block and the water push the snowballs in to go to the hopper. It could make it afk able. Hope u under stand this

  • August

    I honestly kind of like the birch lines-they add some variation

  • CheesyDelphox

    you shouldn't take out the birch! i like the contrast

  • Matthew Murtha
    Matthew Murtha

    At the end of the track you should make a HCBBS gift shop. Maybe maps that say I did the sweep. Or maybe "tshirts" and cool souvenir s. Please do this

  • isha mahipal
    isha mahipal

    when you expect your average hermitcrafter to say "we've gotta get around to that sometime" but instead they _grind out concrete-ifying the WHOLE FLOOR_ there's a reason to like every episode, but there's also an EXTRA SPECIAL reason to like every episode, and this is one of the little things but it's what makes your content so amazing ;)

  • Banquote 42
    Banquote 42

    please shear the snowman's face-- its important

  • Payton Wurst
    Payton Wurst

    I think you should keep the birch wood as is, because it kind of highlights the existing Blackstone lines

  • karl kukk
    karl kukk

    I’d say the birch adds a bit of colour to the floor.

  • Lewis Thomas
    Lewis Thomas

    Can you build the fortress of solitude from superman using the ice from the farm?