Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 085: BEHOLD THE ICE FORTRESS!
In this episode, I construct a gigantic ice fortress after finishing my mega ice farm! If you enjoyed the episode please leave a like!

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Gaming, Minecraft

  • Platform Gamers
    Platform Gamers

    Dude make its toturial It's so cool

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    20:05 English.exe isnt responding

  • Max Owenmaster
    Max Owenmaster

    Man, you always amaze me!!!


    He said clicking like doesn't cost anything but it requires me to unlike so I can re-like the video.

  • ThunderLegend13

    The 330 people who dislike 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Christine Outridge
    Christine Outridge

    wow, that slightly mis-timed clock is subtly infuriating

  • The_Red

    Amazing episode! I absolutely loved it

  • Logan Gest
    Logan Gest

    Scicraft would be proud💪

  • huzzman

    User interaction help comment

  • Paravetje

    The color palet for this ice fortress reminds me of Etho's castle in feed the beast (years ago). I remember there was an animation made of it, here it is: rsloft.info/loft/video/a9Cj0nC51qqxcKA

  • ethan creations
    ethan creations

    Any one else think of the fortress of solitude while he was building “the ice fortress” or am i just crazy

  • Potato On A Spork
    Potato On A Spork

    So you didn’t renovate etho’s

  • Tmh Wong
    Tmh Wong

    dream smp has people screaming their heads off which is entertaining, then you have hermitcraft which is so wholesome and also entertaining.

  • Timoversum

    erstmal league of legends Musik geklaut xD aber trotzdem episch

  • Carmen Heijnen
    Carmen Heijnen

    impulse you mad man

  • Joel Ling Zhe Xuan
    Joel Ling Zhe Xuan

    Grian made a diamond chandelier why don’t you make a golden chandelier

  • CJmacaw

    Sometimes it’s a hermit projects like this one for example or even more impressive than their bases work close to being as impressive like the upside down

  • Nightmare 16
    Nightmare 16

    Awesome time laps

  • Annie W.
    Annie W.

    I did tear down an entire bastion last year. While doing it I learned how to raid a bastion the easy way and how to get the piglins and their brutes out of the way.

  • Mae ang
    Mae ang


  • CeNedra Lea Heldra
    CeNedra Lea Heldra

    Epic intro! Ice fortress is mind blowing. Yeah how many chests of materials. How long did it take to get them. How many tools did you break if any?

  • _willum

    i guess you could say... he put his back into it

  • bbotelhoHI

    I must’ve watched and liked this video half asleep. Started watching the latest vid (4/13/2021) and was surprised when you said the fortress was built in the previous ep...only to find out I watched and liked it

  • James Fowler
    James Fowler

    i can hear the future

  • James Fowler
    James Fowler


  • Devin

    *Iskall builds an ice fortress with a chandelier* *all I can think about* 🎵"Let it goooo..."🎶

    • Essay Waugh's
      Essay Waugh's

      Ummm. This is impulse

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart

    you can't charge Grian anyway no matter how disruptive his build is, he owns that plot, its not part of aqua town

  • Cooper Rummel
    Cooper Rummel

    17:50 I hate that clock so much. The clicks aren’t in time with each other. Instead of a 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 it’s more of a 1, and 2,1 and a 2, 1 and a 2. Very aggravating

  • Jesse Swaney
    Jesse Swaney

    Awesome build

  • Lionheart XII
    Lionheart XII

    Incredible building

  • Bacus Chan aladdin
    Bacus Chan aladdin

    bruh that looks cool XD

  • Andy Andino
    Andy Andino

    It seems like your frames were a little bit low this episode. It was a bit of a nauseating experience to watch. Just wanted to let you know. Maybe you can see this and maybe change something to make it easier to view future episodes. Other than that, great job and beautiful builds. Much love, Impulse. Be safe. Take care. Oh! And I hope that your back feels better, as well. Cheers.

  • Shining Darkness The Fallen
    Shining Darkness The Fallen

    Impulses excerpts on the outskirts.

  • Oscar van der Linden
    Oscar van der Linden

    hey impulse! maybe try using chains for the chandelier instead of blackstone walls. it would make it less solid! (btw the build looks awsome!!!)

  • artcgirl

    This build is beautiful! Great work :)

  • Joe brown
    Joe brown


  • Rainbow Paillettes
    Rainbow Paillettes

    Finally a modern build done right!!

  • Gecko

    looks epic

  • yodako

    Well done. Happy to see your magnificant builds. Keep up the good work!

  • Haejun Kim math
    Haejun Kim math

    Wow that is so cool

  • 3 Great Friends
    3 Great Friends

    This puts my ice castle to shame

  • Willy Nilly Lilly
    Willy Nilly Lilly

    Have a good day impulse

  • Canadianlosr

    This looks like the walled facilities from planetside 2

  • Michelle Baeßler
    Michelle Baeßler

    I usually don't like timelapesessses but i really appreciate how you fit them in the episodes thank you xd

  • Isaac Harper
    Isaac Harper

    You should use double layer carpet to keep mobs out

  • peacesax

    Awesome build!

  • Testy Branco
    Testy Branco

    Someone been a busy bee, Bee-suma: Yeah, me

  • Jack Dunne
    Jack Dunne

    Instead of BOVE, why not call yourself ABOVE? The Aquatown Building Officer of Vertical Enforcement.

  • Mr. Grimdek
    Mr. Grimdek

    I'll definitely hit that like for that! Smack the algo Liked the episode, went from very structured progress then broke to personality

  • Duyen Chiem
    Duyen Chiem

    ?!?!?!??!???!!!! how?! (so cool)

  • Myra Nares
    Myra Nares

    Thccdacc guess it

  • ENGIRL 73
    ENGIRL 73

    Wow awesome

  • jeroen92

    Impulse it must be amazing doubling your subs in one season! Glad to see you are well on your way to reach one million!

  • 90%Nerd

    Impulse is talking like when he is accused of something in among us

  • noj

    whats the texture pack

  • Hezman 20
    Hezman 20

    impulse:"this took me along time" me:it would take forever on even CREATIVE MODE

  • Will Chadburn
    Will Chadburn

    Whats ur texture pack???

  • Sanket Taware
    Sanket Taware

    45 sec of contains. stress it to 16 min

  • Robert Jordan
    Robert Jordan

    insane build

  • Cole Ireland
    Cole Ireland

    damm bro wish I was this good

  • Morshed Arifin
    Morshed Arifin


  • Jo'shua Griffiths
    Jo'shua Griffiths

    HOW do you even get the patients to build it twice

  • Gayeski Aidan
    Gayeski Aidan

    I'm confused do they all build in creative and spawn stuff

  • pebbles scott
    pebbles scott

    Awesome build. I dunno how u find time dude.

  • Max Sønnichsen
    Max Sønnichsen

    Everybody Else: WTF THAT BUILD IS CRAZY Impulse: i Think it needs sove detail

  • Joshua Asgari
    Joshua Asgari

    The ice Fortress is missing something else something that will make it pop... ooo I know.. Pink concrete/glass =)

  • Sand Wind
    Sand Wind

    pls take care of your back in real life man. add some reversal hyperextensions after warm up when you exercise. helps a lot.

  • Jared Curry
    Jared Curry

    The Ice Castle is AMAZING

  • angie A
    angie A

    You are wonderful! Keep it up

  • Katie Wayt
    Katie Wayt

    Looking awesome! What about using chains on the chandelier instead of walls? They look a bit heavy.

  • Cuileth

    I love the build, looks fantastic! Though I gotta say, I was a bit disappointed he hadn‘t actually torn down a bastion xD My mega-base is gonna mostly blackstone and I have taken down five or six so far? ^^ I also use piglin bartering but it‘s actually slower for me, I can‘t afk much. Just so we‘re in the clear, I know that Impulse‘s got better stuff to do than mining away at a bastion, but that got me so excited for a moment xD

  • Dragonlord19

    This is without a doubt the best looking farm on the server


    make it fortress of solitude noooooooooot icE CaStLe

  • Austbozz

    How do you build that. Why do you need that much ice. Lol

  • infuze_walker


  • xLeprichaun

    Please disable the town clock

  • PeanutYT

    This is like TH13 in Clash of clans Wall.. Lmao

  • Nine to Drive
    Nine to Drive

    The clock seems to be in swing feel. Or is that just me

  • J N
    J N

    It took me a week but I finally watched all your videos this season.

  • Aiden Andersen
    Aiden Andersen

    That’s nice dude

  • Kyan Gaffney
    Kyan Gaffney

    Wont the water in the fortress freeze?

  • t b
    t b

    Goes pink, ice fortress...let it go

  • Sir Albatoris
    Sir Albatoris

    The style of this build reminds me a lot of Etho's castle from MindCrack FTB Season 2. I've always liked that castle a lot, so I'm a big fan of this Fortress. Very nice build!

  • Mark Boulton
    Mark Boulton

    Needs lapis and gold accents

  • Sippy ツ
    Sippy ツ

    no intro no nothing just BAM timelapse,epic

  • MysticalPinecone

    Almost as mighty as ikea tower

  • Amy

    Wonderful video as always, I am constantly amazed by some of the things I've seen created by the people on Hermitcraft. Just casually building a giant ice fortress. And here I am struggling to build my little viking village. On another note, I hope your back feels better soon! Back pain is one of the worst pains ever!

  • Froggsroxx

    You and Etho should collab to upgrade the ice-e-e's shop Ice-e-i's?

  • Rebel Stormtrooper
    Rebel Stormtrooper

    Thats one amazing fortress. That took so much hard work and time. Good Job Impulse

  • James Barker
    James Barker

    Very cool

  • Sarah Lam
    Sarah Lam

    You should get Grian for a diamond Chandler

  • Marek Zielinski
    Marek Zielinski

    Impulse what is the most looked for light right now? Shroom light...Hard to farm and so much more looked after in the end. You can put away doing your main base again to put some more shinies in your diamond chest ;) Make sure you put BDubz to work on this one though...Making things pretty will not make up for all the diamonds he will loose in land games.

  • Brian Moyer
    Brian Moyer

    Amazing, man! That was a huge project for a 45 second clip!

  • Gabiloiro

    i think i know what you can do for the chandelier make it like grian's diamond chandelier but instead of diamond blocks packed ice

  • Zac Weber
    Zac Weber

    I’m already subscribed iiiiiimpulse

  • IcyPanda1

    Maybe you could have water falling from the chandelier into the fountain

  • Wijnand van Sten
    Wijnand van Sten

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i also made i ice castle that looks a lot like that:(

  • Abbas Lotf
    Abbas Lotf

    12:24 creeper chilling underground


    Sorry to burst your bubble but you can’t in force the height limit on barge HQ Grian owns that property and it is technically not a part of aqua town

  • Bluedog1217

    Love the fortress, you should put a loft space for your bed in the apartment so you can see your base and it looks cool